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Text Marketing vs. Email: 6 Compelling Stats that Show Mobile is a Better Option

November 8, 2015 12:00 am by

In the past few years, text marketing has started to surpass email marketing as the go-to way to communicate with customers. Although many companies have jumped on board, exponentially increasing the amount of mobile marketing spending, many remain unsure whether or not it is a beneficial marketing channel. The following statistics demonstrate text message marketing’s superiority as a marketing channel as compared to email.

High Open Rate

You can rely on people actually reading your texts because of the high open rate.

Text messages have an almost 100 percent open rate while email marketing has an open rate that is significantly less at approximately 22 percent. This means that a much higher portion of your subscribers actually read the message sent via text as compared to email. Remember: in order to get your customers to take action, they first need to read your message.

Faster Response Time

Not only do customers actually read text messages, they also take action at a faster rate than email. The average user opens a text message within minutes, often seconds, and the subsequent action also typically takes just a few minutes. It can take days — or even weeks — for people to respond to an email message. This makes text marketing perfect for last minute deals, event or appointment reminders, and more.

Higher Engagement Rate

Customer engagement is an essential component of any successful campaign, and text marketing offers one of the best channels for it. According to a study by Cellit, text marketing campaigns engage customers six to eight times higher than email campaigns. This includes a large number of actions, such as offer redemption, collecting data about customers, increasing brand awareness, and more. The bottom line is that increased engagement translates to more business.

Better Redemption Rate

The convenience of mobile offer redemption leads to more people using it.

Offers sent via text have a higher redemption rate than email and ten times that of print. Most likely this is due to the convenience of texts. People carry their cell phones with them everywhere, so they have the coupon with them no matter when they visit your business. With email, they typically have to print something out and carry it, making it harder and less convenient to redeem.

People Keep their Phones Close

Most people own some type of text-enabled cell phone, and smartphones are rapidly saturating the market. People use their mobiles for a large number of purposes, including texting. About half of consumers never have their cell phones outside of arm’s reach 24 hours a day. It has become customary to always have the phone out and check it for messages, which is one reason why texts are read so quickly.

Customers Actually Want to Receive Texts

A large percentage of consumers want to recieve text messages from businesses.

When email marketing initially came to be, consumers were just as excited to receive messages as businesses were to connect with them. Over time, people became over-saturated by marketing emails that even those for which they signed up became annoying. This has led to a decreased number of people looking to sign up for emails from companies. Text marketing hasn’t reached this level, which means that people are still excited about signing up for a campaign. In fact, 70 percent of people believe that texting is a good option for communication from a business or organization.

These statistics and many more demonstrate the effectiveness and power of text messaging as a marketing channel. Although email marketing remains a solid choice for many businesses, it is beneficial to include text marketing in your overall marketing strategy.

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