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In Case of Emergency, Group Texting Can Help

September 29, 2017 8:00 am by

2017 has already had its share of major disasters and emergencies. Two destructive hurricanes have already left devastation across Texas and Florida. The West Coast is burning, and storms continue to get bigger all across the country and the world. Although you do not want to live in fear you want to ensure your company has a solid emergency plan in place.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, or an accident or emergency occurs, you need to have an action plan that allows you to get in touch with your employees and your clients quickly. The best way to do so is group texting. Not convinced? The following benefits of texting demonstrate why it is an effective emergency communication tool.

Instantaneous Communication 

Group texting

Text messages are opened quickly, allowing for instant communication when it matters most: an emergency.

One reason that group texting is one of the best emergency communication tools is that it allows you to communicate instantly. Send a message to your employees and/or consumers, and within seconds, they have received and read it. Most text messages are opened within 90 seconds of receipt; compare that to 90 minutes for email. In an emergency situation, every second counts. You do not want your employees or clients to miss an important message because they haven’t checked their email.

Ensure People Know 

Text messages do not just arrive faster than emails; they also are opened more often. Almost 100 percent of texts are read, while only around 30 percent of emails are opened. In an emergency situation, you want to use the most effective communication method: text messages.

Direct Your Message 

Group texting also makes it easy to direct your messages as appropriate. For example, if you have multiple business locations, you may not need to let all of your clients and employees know about an emergency situation. You can delineate your subscriber list based on their location and send the message just to those in the affected area. You can also have a list for employees and another for clients so that everyone receives relevant messages.

No Power Needed 

Group texting

Even when the power is out, people generally have access to their cell phones.

During a severe storm or another emergency, there is a chance that you might lose power and/or internet access. All you, your employees and your clients might have available with which to communicate is a cell phone. Text messages let you reach them even when landline phones, electricity, internet service and other necessary communication methods are down.

Implementing a group texting program lends itself to communicating with your employees and clients during an emergency. Ready to get started? Try GroupTexting for free and experience its effectiveness during an emergency situation.

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