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Customer Data and Text Marketing: What’s the Connection?

December 3, 2015 12:00 am by

For any marketing campaign to work, it is essential that you have a keen understanding of your customer’s needs, motivations, and behaviors. One way to gain insight into this is to look closely at the data you capture from your customer interactions. By knowing as much information about your customers as possible, it is easier to develop targeted marketing campaigns. Understanding the connection between customer data and text marketing can help you make the most of this communication channel for your business.

What Data Can You Capture?

There is a wealth of information you can collect through your text program.

Text message marketing is not just about sending information out to your customers; you can also collect information about your customers via text. You can use text message surveys and polls to collect basic demographic information, as well as more specific data related to customer preferences and interests. If you do plan to capture any data from your customers via text, be sure to have a reason to do so, such as to provide personalized deals. It is also important that you are clear with your customers about how you will use their data.

How Does Reviewing Your Analytics Help?

Another way to discover information about your customers is to track your analytics. You can discover a wealth of information, including their shopping habits, by looking at your metrics. Take a look at your website analytics, social media campaigns, and offer redemptions from your text marketing efforts to get a better understanding of customer habits.

You may not be able to parse the information down to individual customers, but you will be able to see what was popular, and what was not. For example, if you send out a text message with a coupon, you can see how many people redeemed the coupon. If it is a higher than normal rate, then you know that it is something that you should do again down the line. Alternatively, if it has a lower redemption rate, then you may have to try a different approach.

How Does Customer Data Improve Your Campaign?

Customer data improves your text marketing campaign because you will be able to better target your messages for specific audiences. This increases the relevancy of the messages, which in turn increases the chances a conversion will be made. At the end of the day, it is most important to provide value and service to your customers. If you do this through your text messages, then your subscribers will likely remain loyal customers.

The Balance of Service and Promotion

A strong campaign provides value and promotes your business to benefit you and customers.

Text messaging is a popular form of communication, but it is a disruption. Therefore, it is important that you create a positive disruption by providing something of significance in your messages. It is essential that the program first and foremost adds value for your customers. You can occasionally ask your subscribers for information, send out polls and surveys, and otherwise directly engage to garner information. But always be sure that you explain that the purpose of these interactions is to create more relevant text message offers.

The data you collect through your interactions with your customers can help you build a stronger text marketing program for your business. Not only will you be tailoring your messages to add value for subscribers, your business will reap the benefits of increased conversions and offer redemptions. Ready to get started with text marketing? Try GroupTexting for free today!

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