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5 Ways that Group Texting Can Help Your Camp Prepare for Summer

March 14, 2016 12:00 am by

Summer may still seem as though it is months away, but for camp directors and administrators it is already prime time for planning their program and getting campers signed up. One tool to help promote your camp, attract more campers, and help to communicate with families during camp time is group texting. It is beneficial to integrate this communication channel early so that you can use it to help grow your camper list and increase your registrations.


Text messaging provides invaluable benefits to the promtoion of your camp

No matter how popular your summer camp is, it remains important to promote it to ensure you have full sessions every time. Group texting provides a highly beneficial marketing tool that can help to bring in more campers. It is a powerful call to action that easily fits on any piece of marketing material, including flyers, brochures, social media sites, digital and print ads, and more. You simply have to include a keyword and short code or long code and ask people to text for more information. It is also possible to include an offer or deal to further motivate people to take action. You can also send interested parties a link to your online registration in the responding text to their original opt-in.

Alerts and Reminders for Deadlines

Once you have people signed up as interested in attending your summer camp, you want to remain in contact to ensure they register in time. One way to do this is to send reminders through text messages. Text messages have a much higher open rate than email and other forms of communication, making it the perfect medium for reminding people to take action. It is also possible to text the campers during the weeks and months leading up to summer to get them excited about the summer, as well as prepared with the supplies they need. You can send texts to the campers and their parents that include a link to the list of belongings they need to bring with them over the summer so they have plenty of time to gather their supplies.

Staff Recruitment and Coordination

It is possible to use your group texting program to help recruit and coordinate your staff. You can include a texting call to action on your job postings. About 100 percent of Millennials text. Many of them prefer texting to calling. Texting provides the opportunity to take action right away, wherever they see the flyer or ad for the job, no matter where they are. Once you have your staff hired, you can use your texting program to coordinate with them in the weeks leading up to the start of camp and during the summer.

Surveys and Polls

It is important that you listen to the feedback from your campers to make tweaks to your camp program to continue to provide a great experience for everyone. One way to get that feedback is through surveys and polls using group texting. You can send out a text to your campers from last year with a link to a survey. It is possible to take advantage of this communication to remind them to register for the upcoming summer. You can help to get campers excited about the upcoming summer by sending out polls to help you make decisions about activities, themes, movies, and other events that you plan to have during the summer.

Alerts During the Summer

Send messages to parents over the summer to update them about camp

Your group texting program can also help you to communicate with campers and parents during the summer. It is beneficial to send parents reminders of the drop-off and pick-up dates and times. In the case of an emergency situation, you can send out a text alert to parents and campers to ensure that everyone remains informed of the situation as it develops.

A group texting service can provide you many benefits throughout the year. It is highly beneficial to implement the program before your summer sessions begin so that you have already developed a relationship with campers and parents long before they show up for their sessions. It also helps you to attract more campers so that you can have your best summer yet.

Try GroupTexting for free to see how it can help your camp grow.

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