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The Components of an Effective Texting Campaign

November 9, 2016 12:00 am by
  • A high open rate.
  • Increased engagement.
  • Better customer service.
  • These are just a few of the lucrative benefits that are connected with SMS marketing. Although it might seem like a simple marketing campaign to run, there is more than just the 160-character message that makes up your texting campaign. For the most effective strategy that will give you the results you want, you need to focus on much more than just the content.


    Before you send any texts, get permission from your customers.

    Before you start to send messages as part of your texting campaign, it is imperative that you get permission. The law requires written permission for any marketing messages you send out. A simple way to have people opt in can be done with a keyword and a confirmation text which grants you the permission you need to start your campaign.

    A Large Subscriber List

    For a highly effective texting campaign, you need to have as large a subscriber list as possible. The number you will use depends on your business, typical customer number, and overall goals for growth. Whether you are looking to have a few hundred or hundreds of thousands of people on your list, the way to do it remains the same. Promote your texting list on all of your marketing collateral, including your digital properties, social media accounts, print ads and more, so that customers are aware of it and opt in. You also need to demonstrate why it is worth subscribing so that customers want to do so.

    Targeted Messages

    The most effective text messages are targeted to a person’s likes and behavior patterns. You can do this by managing your subscriber list in groups based on past history, demographics, behavior patterns or any other data you have about your subscribers. Then, create targeted messages based on this information. A common example is sending a special birthday offer to subscribers with a birthday within a given month.

    The Right Timing

    For the best response, you have to send out your messages at the right time. Most people open text messages within just a few minutes of receipt. This lets you take advantage of the immediacy for last-minute deals and reminders. However, it also means that if you send it too soon, people might forget about it, making it lose its impact. Avoid sending messages too early or too late or during inconvenient times, such as rush hour. Respect the recipients, since texts continue to be a more disruptive message compared to social media and email.

    Not Too Little, Not Too Much

    Another component of respecting the customer is choosing the right frequency. Treat your customers like Goldilocks and find the message that is just right. This is typically between two and four messages per month, but depending on your business and customers, it might be better to send more or less. Ask your subscribers their preferences. They’ll tell the you want to do. No need to rely on trial and error.

    Valuable Content that Motivates

    Get your team to develop high-quality, valuable content.

    The 160-charracter message does play an important role in an effective texting campaign. It is essential that you remain within the character limit, even though some smartphones no longer appear to have message limits. There might be charges and other complications if you go over the limit. Additionally, the content should be of value to your customers. This might be offers and deals, reminders, or information they find of value. For the best responses, create a sense of urgency and use action words that motivate your customers to take action.

    All of these are essential components to a strong texting campaign, but they will not do much if you do not have a plan and a goal before you start. Take some time to sit down with your team and develop the objective for your texting program. Then, create a strategy that not only combines many of these components but also integrates the campaign into your other marketing efforts.

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