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The 6 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid with Your Group Texting Program

December 3, 2015 12:00 am by

Text message marketing can be a powerful tool, but it takes more than just implementing a program to succeed. There are many marketing mistakes that businesses make that can cause their group texting program to fail. Luckily, you can learn from others by avoiding the most common text marketing mistakes.

Forgetting to Add a Call to Action

Make sure that your texts have a CTA so that your customers will take action.

One of the most common mistakes marketers make when developing marketing texts is forgetting to include a call to action. It is essential that you include information about what you want customers to do so that they actually interact and engage with your company, rather than just passively reading the text. It is also beneficial to mix up the calls to action that you use.

Texting at an Inconvenient Time

Group texting is powerful because you can reach a large number of people quickly and garner an almost immediate response. However, time also works against you. If you send out texts at an inconvenient time, then you may see your opt out rates increase. Although you may have to look at your data to find out the best time for your particular company, there are some times that generally do not work. You do not want to text too late at night or early in the morning, and it is usually best to avoid texting during rush hour. Many companies also find Mondays to be a poor time for sending out texts.

Not Creating Unique Content

It is essential your team develops unique content for your texts.

To get the most out of your text marketing program, you need to view it as a unique marketing channel. If you send out the same offers, deals, and information that you distribute through other channels, then your program will have little value for your customers. The same thing can happen if you only ever send out the same exact text and/or coupon.

Not Being Clear About Your Intentions

Group texting is a permission-based system. Therefore, you need to get subscribers, and they need to know your intentions when they sign up. If you plan on only sending out informational texts every once in awhile, such as appointment reminders, then you cannot start sending marketing texts every week. It is possible to do both with group texting, but you need to have your customers sign up for both, and they need to see the terms and conditions that detail your plan. Furthermore, if you start the program with the intention of sending two texts a month but decide to increase the amount, it is essential to contact your subscribers and let them know before you do it.

Poorly Written or Edited Texts

Text messages are 160 characters and, as their name implies, completely text-based. This does not leave much room, but it is possible to convey your message in under 160 characters. However, it also means that any spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and other errors will stand out even more. Poorly written or edited texts can make your company appear lazy and unprofessional, which could affect potential customers’ opinions of your company and products. Additionally, you want to ensure that any coupons that you send out that have expiration dates that are still valid.

Not Taking Advantage of the Medium

People can read texts anywhere, making text marketing the perfect channel for last minute deals.

Another common mistake marketers make when implementing a group texting program is that they do not take advantage of the benefits offered by the medium. Texting is an immediate channel, with people reading their messages within minutes. This means you can run a last-minute campaign and send other time-sensitive messages. Furthermore, it is a powerful marketing tool with high open and conversion rates. It should not be used as a one-off promotional tool. Text marketing can do so much more for your company if you send messages regularly.

By recognizing the common mistakes and best practices of the medium, you can create a group texting campaign that starts out strong and continues to build momentum. Many of these mistakes can be avoided by taking the time to develop and edit your messages to ensure they convey what you want. Ready to start your program? Try GroupTexting for free

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