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Text Message Marketing Like A Pro: Restaurants

February 1, 2011 3:05 pm by

Text messaging is an easy, affordable way to drive new customers to your restaurant and reward existing patrons. There are a number of different ways that a restaurant can uses text messaging to compliment (and even replace!) their existing marketing efforts. Want to get started now? Head over to the text message marketing for restaurants solution center.

Before we continue we’ll quickly note two points we always like to mention: First: text message marketing is permission based. Second: you’re throwing away money if you send messages to people who don’t want to hear from you. So what does that mean in practice? There are three ways for your patrons to ‘opt in’ to receive messages from you:

  1. Text your Keyword to our long code. Two things happen when your patrons do this – we add them to your text messaging list and send them an automatic response that you’ve specified. You can try this right now by texting JOES to 760-670-3130.
  2. Import existing opted-in contacts using our contact uploader. If you’ve been manually collecting phone numbers from your patrons you can upload a spreadsheet or just paste those numbers into our form. We’ll automatically weed out duplicates.
  3. Entering a phone number into a web widget. Every Group Texting customer can generate custom widgets to add to their website, email blasts and Facebook Page. All a patron (or potential patron!) needs to do is enter their phone number and we’ll automatically add them to your text messaging list.

So how do you get people to join your list? If you already collect your patrons phone numbers, and you have permission to text them, you can upload their phone numbers in seconds. If you have a website or Facebook page, Group Texting offers embeddable signup widgets so people can themselves up.

What about Keywords? There are a number of different effective ways to encourage patrons to text your keyword to join your texting program. The key is to incentivize.

Offer 20% off a bill to patrons who text your Keyword. When patrons text in the Keyword we’ll automatically text them back your mobile coupon. Come up with a short, sweet call-to-action such as ‘Text JOES to 760-670-3130 for 20% Off Your Next Order!’ and print it on table tents. If you place the call-to-action in your print/web ads or in your window you can use it to draw in new patrons.

Draw in patrons when you want them. Rainy day? Offer everyone on your texting list a free bowl of soup with any purchase. All your patrons have to do is show the SMS coupon you text them before close and you’re done.

What else:
Text out daily food or drink specials, allow customers to text their orders to you, update customers when their delivery is about to go out, run a once-a-week contest to give away a free dinner. Just like everything else you do to market your bar restaurant your imagination is the limit. Hopefully this post has gotten you thinking about what you can do with text message marketing and how Group Texting allows you to do it. Want to learn more? It’s free to sign up and there are no credit cards or obligations needed to give Group Texting a spin. Check out Group Texting now.

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