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Text Message Marketing Like A Pro: Developing Apps With The API

January 4, 2011 12:10 pm by

You’ve built the next great mobile app or web service. Awesome. Now what? Iterate! Drive incremental revenue. Drive freemium to paid conversions. How? Integrate text messaging for alerts and more.

We’ll get into details in a minute but first let’s quickly explore the Group Texting APIs. Using our SMS gateway you can easily and affordably integrate text messaging into your existing product. Already have an implementation in mind? Check out the SMS Gateway page for documentation and code samples.

The essentials: Our APIs allow you to send and receive text messages in over 160 countries. Unlike other providers we don’t charge for incoming messages. We also can deliver your message – as we just mentioned – around the world. If you’d like to build a full-fledged application on top of our SMS platform you can do that as well; our API exposes all of the core functions of our platform, from Keyword configuration to credit purchases.

So how does it work? If you’d like to hook up to our API you have two options. You can use our pool of shared long codes or you can lease your own dedicated long code. If you lease your own dedicated code you can setup as many Keywords as you like on your own end. If you go with our shared code you’ll have to rent Keywords on a monthly basis. The route you choose really depends on your needs. Contact our team for advice.

So how can you drive incremental revenue by adding text messaging to your web/mobile app?

  1. Reminders & Alerts: If your app provides time-sensitive information you can add SMS notifications to a paid tier or as an add-on service. SMS alerts are a great way to reach out to your users if you want to upsell in-app content.
  2. Contests & Polling: Whether you’re running a promotion or if you just want to collect user feedback SMS is fast, fun way to do so.
  3. User Verification: OK, this isn’t really a marketing use case but it can be an important addition to your app. If you want to connect phone numbers to a user account, sending verifications codes via SMS is a fast, affordable way to do this.
  4. Download Links: This really applies to Android App developers. Until Google gets around to upgrading the App Marketplace, an easy way to allow potential app users with a convenient install link is to send them a text message.

Hopefully this post has gotten you thinking about what you can do with text message marketing and how Group Texting allows you to do it. Want to learn more? It’s free to sign up and there are no credit cards or obligations needed to give Group Texting a spin. Visit The Developer Center Now!

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