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SMS Marketing Message Types to Avoid For a Stronger Campaign

September 27, 2016 12:00 am by

SMS marketing is a versatile medium ready to be used to send out a variety of message content in almost any business in any industry for any reason. Despite this flexibility, there are still message types that most businesses should avoid. These messages can make a campaign falter rather than achieve the goals set in place for many reasons. By recognizing both the message type and the reason to not send them, you can create a stronger campaign. The following are some of the most common mistakes companies make in creating content for their texting campaigns.

Lackluster Promotion

To make an impact, the promotion must entice customers to act.

Promotions, whether in the form of exclusive sales, flash sales, limited-time offers, coupons or some other deal are many marketers’ bread and butter for their SMS marketing campaign. Although this message type is strong, it ultimately depends on what you send whether or not it is a success. Although you will occasionally have a promotion that just falls flat, you must work hard to develop content that resonates with your subscribers.

To avoid lackluster promotional messages, start with a solid deal. It should be something that attracts the attention of your customers and makes them want to take action right away. Buy-one-get-one deals generate the greatest customer action, but you can also offer a percentage off of the sale price, a gift, or a dollar amount. You might need to conduct market research to find the one with the greatest impact on your customers. Then, use action verbs and other motivational speak to incite people to take advantage of the deal with little to no hesitation.

Duplicate Coupon

Although 70 percent of consumers feel that receiving texts from brands is a good idea, it is a delicate balance. Consumers do not want to be harassed with numerous texts, and they want to feel as though they are getting something of value for being on your SMS marketing subscriber list. Therefore, you want to avoid any duplicate coupons. This includes sending out the same coupon to your texting subscribers and your email list and social media followers. It is likewise essential to not send the same old boring deal or promotion every time you text your followers. Make sure every message is unique and exclusive to the medium.

Checking In Messages

Texting with customers is a great way to engage with them and increase your number of loyal customers. However, you want to avoid texting just to text and check in with your subscribers with nothing of value in the content. This will only annoy them and increase the chance they will leave your texting campaign, and possibly even stop patronizing your business. Therefore, ensure that every text message has a meaning and purpose behind it.

You can send out messages that check in with customers who have not been around for a while or that show gratitude to those who are part of the list. When you do this, simply include something else with the message, such as a deal or promotion, to enhance its overall value.

Unsolicited Messages

Make sure that your messages only go to those who opted in to your campaign.

You must not send your customers unsolicited messages. Text message marketing is a permission-based service. Customers must opt in to your service before you send anything to them. You also may not send messages different from the messages promised in the initial terms and conditions.

If you ask someone to sign up to receive transactional messages, you may not then send that person marketing messages. You also must abide by the frequency promised in the initial contract. Announce any changes to your program and give people time to opt out if they do not wish to stay part of your program.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for any mobile marketing campaign, but it must be used wisely. Take care to create content of value that attracts customers rather than repels them. It might be short form marketing, but that does not mean it requires less time and effort to develop stellar content.

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