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How a Drip Campaign Can Benefit Your Business

August 23, 2017 8:00 am by

Your text marketing campaign does not have to just be offers and discounts that you send out every so often. It can also facilitate a long-term dialog, such as through a drip campaign. As people sign up for your texting program, you can easily schedule automated messages that are relevant to a user’s place in the buying cycle. There are many benefits to integrating drip campaigns into your marketing strategy.

The Basics of a Drip Campaigns 

Text marketing

Drip campaigns make it easy for you to nourish leads and build relationships.

Before learning about the benefits, it is important to understand the basics of this marketing strategy. A drip campaign allows you to send content to prospects at specific points in the sales cycle. There are a few different approaches you can take. You may want to send messages throughout the sales cycle, so your business remains top of mind. Consider sharing relevant information at different points to educate consumers, so they become prepared to make their purchase. You can also use a drip campaign to re-engage cold leads and convert them to customers.

Nurture Leads 

One of the primary benefits of creating a drip campaign for your text marketing program is lead nurturing. When someone signs up for your text messaging program, they might not yet be a customer. By sending through a specific and targeted drip campaign that you created, you help them move towards a purchase.

Increase Engagement 

Drip campaigns do not only as a lead nurturing tool; they also help you to retain customers. Customer engagement is an important part of modern business. Sending regular text messages to your customers allows you to build a relationship, so your products or services will always be top of mind. This increases the chance they will choose your business over the competition every time—and just like that, a one-time customer has now become a repeat customer.

Remain Relevant 

Text marketing

Sending out targeted messages at the right time ensures you remain relevant to your customers.

A drip campaign also helps you to remain relevant to your audience. Creating a drip campaign allows you to send out targeted messages that meet them where they are in the sales cycle. For example, you might send out a text message with details about a specific product after a customer looked at it on your website. You can also send out a message that includes a link to a white paper detailing ways to use a product after they bought it. Sharing relevant messages will help improve your business’ reputation with customers.

Drip campaigns do not have to only run through email. You can also create a drip campaign through your text marketing platform; it is easy to set up and has incredible potential to boost your sales.

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