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Basics of Measuring Mobile Marketing Success

September 24, 2016 12:00 am by

There are many analytical tools available to you to measure the success of your text message marketing campaign. With many marketing endeavors, the emphasis is on the return on investment (ROI). However, it is much more important to determine the true effectiveness of your campaign rather than just how good a return you receive. The following are a few tips for measuring whether your mobile marketing campaign is a success beyond just the numbers you find in your analytics.

Understand the Intimacy of Mobile

The importance people place on their phone makes text more personal.

Mobile marketing takes engagement to the next level with your customers. It is commonplace for people to view their cell phones as an extension of themselves, often carrying them with them everywhere and rarely being without it. Around 84 percent of people cannot spend just a day without their phone at hand. This allows you to get closer with those who sign up with your account. It is important to consider this when reviewing how your consumers interact with you through your mobile marketing campaigns, especially text messaging.

They will most likely interact differently with messages received through text than they email, social media and other forums. Often, it is a faster response and a higher level of engagement. Theses become parameters to view whether your messages are having the right impact in the medium.

Have a Clear Objective

To measure your mobile marketing success, you should have a clear objective in mind. This might be to gain customers or increase customer retention. You might just simply want to increase brand recognition or develop a better reputation. No matter what your end goal in mind is, it is what drives every aspect of your text marketing campaign, including how you measure its effectiveness. This might seem like an obvious aspect, but about 57 percent of marketers have no objective defined, and out of those that do, many only rely on something vague that is not defined or quantified.

Know What Actions You Want From Your Customers

Another important aspect of measuring mobile marketing success is knowing not just your business goals or objectives, but also what actions you want your customers to take. You might use your text message marketing campaign as a way to get people to partake in a sale. It might also remind customers to attend an event at your business. With this in mind, review the analytics reflecting the related action, such as a click-through rate or redemption rate. This provides a better understanding of whether the message was effective in producing the response you wanted, rather than just any general response.

Look at Long-term Value

Have your team review the potential for long-term benefits rather than instant.

Another important factor in measuring whether your efforts succeed is the lifetime value of the actions. Text message marketing should not just be something for immediate impact, although it provides this. It also helps to build long-term relationships with customers that might lead to greater impact down the line. It might be an effective part of a multi-point funnel that guides potential customers from a lead to repeat customers.

Although you might not see immediate returns as high as you would like when looking solely at your texting analytics, the effect might be felt in a different metric and ultimately provides returns even greater than you would have imagined. Therefore, review your other metrics to determine if your texting campaign has any impact beyond just your mobile marketing efforts.

There are many components to a strong strategy for measuring success for your marketing campaigns, including your texting efforts. Instead of being tied to the numbers and graphs found in your analytical tools, understand what you want out of the campaign and then choose the metrics that inform you whether or not that is occurring.

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