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7 Tips for Setting Your Goals for SMS Marketing Success

July 18, 2016 12:00 am by

SMS marketing has the potential to be an extremely beneficial component to your marketing strategy. Before you start running your text message campaign, it is important you know your goals. This helps you to create a dynamite program that will help you to meet, and maybe even exceed, your goals. If you are unsure how to start setting your goals, the following tips can help you to create smart, achievable goals that will set you on the right path.

Create Multi-Step Goals

Get your team together and discuss short-term and long term goals

When you develop your goals, make those that apply to the short term and those that look to the future. Often, these will include multi-step goals. For example, your long-term goal might be to double your subscriber list. To get there, you need to have smaller, more achievable goals in place, such as increasing your opt-in rate by 10 percent in a month.


When you set any type of goals, including that for your SMS marketing campaign, it helps to be SMART. This acronym, which is quite popular in the business community, stands for

Realistic, and
Time specific

Each of these components provides an aspect to your goal that helps you to create something that will be attainable. An example of a SMART goal for your SMS marketing program would be to double your subscribers in six months through adding texting CTA to your existing promotional material.

Include Details

Document the details that will make your SMS goals happen

In addition to being specific in your goal creating, include details about those goals. This could be the ways in which you plan to achieve, or an explanation as to the different aspects of, the goal. This helps ensure that you have something that is concrete rather than an abstract idea. It is much easier to create actions to complete something concrete than something that remains an abstract concept.

Consider the Reasons For the Goals

For SMS marketing, it is easy to just think about increasing your subscriber numbers or profit margin. However, do not be so caught up in the numbers that you forget why these are your goals. Goals with a higher purpose tend to keep you more motivated and willing to overcome the obstacles that may come along the way.

Talk With Your Team

Setting goals for your SMS marketing program should not be just one person’s job. Get input from other members of the marketing team. The general staff also can provide invaluable help in determining the most important goals. Your employees and team members have different perspectives on your company that can help you to see a higher priority when building your goals. They might also have insight into how to best achieve those goals.

Write Them Down

Documenting goals down is important. Writing them down helps to secure them, and it provides something to look at from time to time to keep you on track. You might also find it beneficial to post the goals where you frequently see them.

Review Your Goals & Adjust

At regular intervals, review your goals and make needed adjustments.

Regularly review your goals. See what you have achieved and celebrate it. Celebrating the smaller achievements keeps you more motivated to continue to fight for those long-term goals.

Review your goals to see if you need to adjust them. For example, you might have had a goal to increase your subscriber number by a certain percent by a certain date. If you have passed that goal, set a new one.

Setting goals for your SMS marketing program is just as important as it is for any aspect of your company. Having specific, detailed goals that are set up as milestones along a timeline helps you to make small steps towards achieving your long-term goals. When creating your goals for your texting program, have your overall business goals in mind to see how your program can help you to achieve them.

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