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5 Ways Mass Texting can Help Your Business Cut Costs

November 7, 2015 12:00 am by

Effective marketing is essential to business success, but it can be difficult for small businesses to build a healthy marketing budget. Employing a cost-effective solution like mass texting not only helps you save money on marketing, but it also provides other ways that your business can cut costs. Here are some ways text marketing can help reduce your advertising spend.

Reduced Printing Costs

Magazine ads can quickly eat up your entire marketing budget.

When you forgo traditional advertising for mobile marketing, then you cut down on printing costs. The average cost for print ads in magazines or newspapers is between $500 and $20,000, according to Entrepreneur. Alternatively, the average cost for text message marketing falls closer to a few cents per message, with many services offering package deals for volume texting. This provides you with ample savings in your marketing budget. Although you may still want to occasionally use print ads, SMS campaigns are a much more cost-effective option.

No Expensive Designs

There are many other digital forms of advertising that also reduce your printing costs, but text message marketing goes beyond that by also saving you money on graphic design. Because it is a text-based medium with only 160 characters, you do not have to worry about designing any pictures or other graphics to accompany it. Websites and email marketing require expensive graphics and coding, and even social media generates better business results if you include pictures. When you send a text message, you do not need any graphics to make an impact, which can save you a lot of money.

Less Time Spent on Marketing

Your team can spend less time on your marketing plan and more time on sales.

In addition to direct ways that help you to cut costs, mass texting also indirectly saves you money. Because you do not need as much prep time to send out a text message, creating messages doesn’t take up as much of your employees’ time. They can concentrate on other aspects of their job while your marketing campaign is working, such as turning leads into customers. This also could help you to maintain a smaller workforce — an additional cost-saver for your business.

Easier Customer Service

Approximately 52 percent of consumers would prefer to interact with a company via text messages than other customer service avenues, according to a recent survey by HeyWire Business. It is easy to use your texting service to handle customer service requests. You can create auto replies using specific keywords for the most common issues to easily deal with a large portion of customer service. This reduces the number of requests your customer service department needs to handle, helping them to work more efficiently. This not only saves your employees time, reducing your business costs, but it also helps your team be more effective, which in turn provides a better customer experience.

No More Missed Appointments

Reduce the number of no shows to increase your business.

If you have an appointment-based business, such as a medical practice, dental office, hair salon, or day spa, then you inevitably miss out on income opportunities through missed appointments. Text messages have a much higher open rate than other forms of communication, and they can be sent closer to the scheduled appointment, helping to reduce the number of forgotten appointments. This increases your daily business and decreases the negative effect of missed appointments on your bottom line.

Text messages have a high open and redemption rate, which makes texting a highly effective marketing channel. You can use it to promote your business, share offers and deals, and otherwise motivate customers to choose your business. One of the biggest benefits of texting is that it is an inexpensive and fast way to reach a large audience directly. If you are ready to get started with text messages and reduce your marketing costs, then try Group Texting for free today!

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