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Top Motivators for Customer Action with SMS Marketing

October 13, 2016 12:00 am by

A strong SMS marketing campaign does more than just find ways to communicate with customers and grow the list of people with whom you communicate. It also creates ways for your customers to engage and interact with your company, whether through buying products or attending events. To get the most out of your program, it is essential that you find ways to get customers to act. Often, this is through strong calls to action. However, there is more to it than just telling people what to do for this to work. It is essential to use extra incentives, like the following, to get people to take action.


Get people to shop right away with a limited-time offer.

Putting a time limit on something is an excellent way to get your customers to act. It inspires a fear of missing out if they delay. Because text messages are largely read within just a few minutes of sending, it is possible to have very limited time offers. This might be a coupon or flash sale that lasts for only a few hours, such as a lunchtime special. The more limited time, the higher the motivation to take immediate action.


Offers and deals are the biggest motivators in getting people to act, although only by a close margin. According to a survey, about 66 percent of people say that they are more likely to act on an offer that is based on the price, compared to 52 percent that act on time-sensitive offers. There are many different ways to offer a price reduction, including a percentage off of the price or a price amount. It is best to mix them up so that they continue to have a strong impact over time.


One of the best ways to motivate people to act is to offer something for free. This could be a coupon for buy one get one free, or it could be a free gift. If you have an online store, offer free shipping. People love to get things for free, which is why the word alone acts as a powerful motivating factor. Although a buy one get one free offer is actually just a price reduction of 50 percent, on a psychological level people see it as a better deal. They automatically feel as though they are getting something for free, even though they are initially having to buy something. The same goes when you offer anything for free, as long as there is some inherent value to the item.

Contests or Prizes

Run a contest and see a big increase in people taking action.

A related motivator is to run a contest of some type. This works well to get people to initially sign up for your list so that you can continue to communicate with them and eventually convert them into a customer. Because people enjoy winning something, they are inspired to take action. The easier the action, the more they feel that any item they win is completely free. For example, offer a special prize and to enter all they need to do is to text in a keyword. Then, you have a chance to get them to subscribe to the rest of your program. For an extra incentive, offer a special prize just for entering, such as an exclusive discount or small free gift.

Ads with some type of coupon or promotion are powerful tools for getting customers to take action across all generations, especially Millennials. Include one of these motivational tools with your SMS marketing coupons and offers for an even greater impact.

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