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The Top 8 Benefits of Group Texting for Your Business

July 28, 2015 9:43 pm by

Finding new ways to attract and retain customers helps to ensure that your business continues to succeed. In the past, marketers have focused on broadcasting their campaigns to the largest audience possible. However, many companies are now choosing to spend the time and money on smaller groups of customers, such as those who have already visited their establishment. This is termed narrowcasting, and one of the best tools for narrowcasting is group texting. According to Mashable, this approach works because texting has become such a popular communication tool.

Text messages are invaluable tools for your business.

Here are eight key benefits of using group texting as a narrowcasting tool to market to your customers.

Increased Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is currently all the rage in the marketing circuits. This is because engaged and satisfied consumers become loyal customers who will refer your business to their network. There are many ways to use group texting to increase engagement with your customers, including sending out special offers, order updates, useful tips, appointment reminders, event updates, and more.

Raise Awareness About Offers, Programs, and Events

Another benefit of incorporating text messages into your marketing efforts is that you can raise awareness about not just your company but also any offers, sales, programs, and events. You can send messages to your subscriber list to remind them about a program or event taking place, which in turn can help boost your total attendance.

Market your event to your subscriber list to build your attendance.

Directly Connect with Customers

Group texting is an effective tool for connecting directly with customers. Because texts have such a high open rate, you have an increased chance that your customers actually read your marketing message. You can also personalize the messages based on demographics and other information, especially if you integrate your text messaging efforts with your other marketing channels. Some services also allow for two-way communication, which is helpful if you are interested in using text messages as a customer service tool.

Immediate Communication Channel

In addition to being direct, text messaging is also an immediate communication channel. Most people open their text messages within three minutes, according to research by MobileSquared. Therefore, you can send messages in close proximity to when they need to be read and acted upon. For example, you can distribute a special lunchtime offer an hour or two before the lunch hour.

Engage Over Time to Build a Relationship

Text messaging doesn’t work well as a one-time communication channel. It works best for companies who use it to communicate with their customers over time. Sharing one deal and never using texts to connect with your mobile subscribers again decreases the value of the medium. By sending out two to four messages a month, you can continually engage with your customers and build a relationship. This approach helps you increase customer loyalty.

Use your texting system to continually engage with your customers and create loyalty.

Ease of Use

Another benefit of group texting is that it is simple to use for both you and your customers. Most customers send and receive text messages frequently, so they are very aware of how to use the channel. For companies, the group texting platform is intuitive. It can easily be used to build and manage your subscriber list, and message distribution is simple.

Easily Integrate with Other Channels

Text messages have many benefits as a stand-alone tool, but they also work very well in cross-channel marketing efforts. Integrating your mobile program across channels is simple. You can include a keyword and a code to text on print and digital ads in order to attract more mobile subscribers. Cross-channel efforts also help to boost brand awareness, which increases the chance that customers will act, according to SmartInsights. Alternatively, you can message your mobile subscriber list to inform them about your email, social, and print marketing campaigns as well.

Integrate your texting with your email marketing for greater impact

Track and Analyze to Improve Over Time

It is easy to track and analyze the results of your group texting campaign. Easy tracking simplifies the process of building a stronger campaign over time. By regularly monitoring your metrics, you can have a strong idea about the health of your campaign and make any small, or large, adjustments as needed for an immediate change.

If you are ready to see for yourself how texting can help your business, try Group Texting for free today!

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