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The Importance of Data Tracking in Text Message Marketing

August 12, 2015 9:50 pm by

To create the best text message marketing campaign, you have to track and monitor how your mobile subscribers respond. This helps you to see what works and what does not, so that you can incorporate changes that will boost your results. Tracking the data also allows you to catch any downward trends before they become detrimental for your business.

If you do not have tools in place to monitor your efforts then you could be missing out on some vital information about your customers. Not only can this data help you create the best text message marketing campaign, it can also help you develop more successful campaigns in your other channels.

Know Your Goal

Know the target of your campaign to help you accurately measure the success.

Before you can put your data to work, you first need to understand the goal of your campaign. Your objective could be to increase traffic to your store, create brand awareness, grow your subscriber list, and more. Although your campaign will have many benefits for your company, you want to have at least one major goal in mind as a way to monitor your success.

Track Your Results

Once you’ve established your goal, then you will know which metrics to track closely. For example, if you want to increase business, then you could text out offers and monitor your mobile redemption rate. Other metrics such as website visits and conversions can also can help you monitor whether your customers are taking the desired actions from your text messages. Most SMS platforms offer a variety of data to help you monitor many different components of your campaign.

There are many different bits of data that can help you monitor your campaign.

There are several different methods for conversion tracking, including click tracking, keyword tracking, call tracking, and coupon tracking, according to Online Marketing Inside Out. Click tracking shows you how many of your subscribers clicked through on a link sent to them via text. It can also help you recognize the shopping behaviors and interests of your customers. Keyword tracking looks at which keywords were most successful in getting people to participate. Call tracking comes from seeing how many customers called the number sent in the text message to get more information or complete a sale. Coupon tracking helps you see how many people redeemed a text offer. These metrics can be used alone or together to help you see what is working and what is not.

Look at Opt ins and Opt Outs

In addition to conversion tracking, you also want to look closely at your opt-in and opt-out rates with every text message you send. Even if your main goal is something outside of growing your subscriber list, this will tell you very important information about the value of your content, according to Marketing Profs. Remember that there will always be some subscribers choosing to opt out for reasons beyond your control, but if you notice a large percentage, then you need to review your text message content to see what may have caused the problem. When the percentage of opt in rates goes up, you also have an idea of the most valuable type of content to send.

Make Adjustments to Your Campaign

Create your strategy based on the texts that have worked the best

The reason you want to pay close attention to your data is to see what types of text messages work the best. This can help you to avoid sending out content that results in little to no action, or even negative results. Tracking this will also give you an idea of the content type that is most successful. Although you do not want to send out the same content in every text message, you do want to send content that’s valuable for your subscribers. By looking at your history to recognize trends, you can create more compelling content, which in turn will help you achieve your business goals and grow your subscriber list.

Keeping track of your text message marketing data gives you invaluable customer insight. Close monitoring will help you understand what your audience wants to receive from you and help you customize your current and future campaigns to their desires, behaviors, and patterns.

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