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Text Messaging: It Isn’t Just for Millennials

August 26, 2015 9:53 pm by

Some businesses only consider Millennials as the prime target demographic for text message marketing. However, they miss out on many potential customers by not tailoring their marketing efforts to appeal to older demographics. Baby Boomers are one of the best generations to target, as they have the money, time, and willingness to jump on board. According to a study by BoomAgers and Nielson, this powerful demographic controls 70 percent of the disposable income in the country and Boomers are willing to spend this money on consumer goods, entertainment, dining, and vacations.

Older demographics use text messaging almost as much as younger people do.

Baby Boomers are the Fastest Growing Segment of Mobile Users

Although almost 100 percent of teenagers and young adults text message and interact with mobile phones, the over 50 crowd is not far behind, according to Pew Research Center. In fact, the Baby Boomer generation, which makes up almost half of the US population, is the fastest growing group using mobile phones and texting. Already, about 81 percent of baby boomers have some type of mobile phone, and of these, 85 percent text message. Therefore, even if your target demographic is older, you can still take advantage of the many benefits of text message marketing.

Baby Boomers Text

The 85 percent of older Americans who use their mobile phones for texting do not do so only on rare occasions. Those between 55 and 64 actually average around 80 text messages per month. At an average of nearly three messages per day, this older generation has definitely jumped on board with this method of communication.

Older and younger generations use texting to communicate.

Older Users Take Action

Those over the age of 50 should not be dismissed when it comes to digital and mobile marketing. They are keen consumers ready to take action and are willing to adopt all the latest technologies. Not only are these consumers using text messages more frequently, they are also signing up for social media accounts in droves. You do not need to feel limited in your choices of call to actions; instead, you can use the same CTAs as you would with the younger generations. For example, if you are interested in building your social media following, you can ask your mobile subscribers to follow you on Facebook – and chances are they will!

Baby Boomers as the Ideal Customer

Baby Boomers make up a larger percentage of the population than younger demographics and are the biggest spenders, according to Business Insider. Many Millennials find it difficult to spend money on consumer goods due to rising costs of healthcare and education. Conversely, Baby Boomers typically find themselves in an ideal situation to spend money, including the money they have accrued from decades of saving and investing wisely. Therefore, companies benefit from marketing to this powerful customer segment, including via text message.

Baby Boomers have disposable income and are ready to spend.

Text messaging is a highly effective marketing channel which can be lucrative for businesses, and texts aren’t just a communication tool used by teenagers and young adults. Mobile phones and text messaging as a form of communication have become more popular with all age groups. If you aren’t trying to connect with older adults through your text marketing efforts, you could be missing out on a key opportunity for your business.

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