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Text Message Marketing Like A Pro: Integrating Mobile With Twitter & Facebook

March 15, 2011 2:07 pm by

Text message marketing is effective on its own; combine it with your social media marketing efforts and you can really take things to the next level. There are three great ways to integrate text messaging into your social media marketing campaigns. Let’s list them and then explore them in detail:

  1. Promote your text message marketing campaign’s ‘call-to-action’ via tweets and Facebook status updates.
  2. Add a signup form to your business’ Facebook page.
  3. Send text messages to your marketing list to promote your Facebook page and Twitter account.


Promoting Your Call-To-Action On Twitter And Facebook

The bigger your texting list, the more people you can market to. There are lots of great ways to build your list – and we cover them vertical by vertical in this series – and Facebook and Twitter are definitely on the list. Texting your Keyword to our long code is the easiest way for your customers to join your text message marketing list. We’ve created a fictional clothing store for this blog post called City Threads. You can try joining their list right now – here’s our call-to-action:

Text Threads to 760 670-3130 to join the Insider Savings Club. 15% off next order when you join!

Once you text the Keyword Threads to our long code you’ll be added to the Insider Savings Club (don’t worry – there is no actual Insider Savings Club) and you’ll receive a mobile coupon confirming your registration:

Thanks for joining the City Threads Insider Savings Club. Show this text to get 15% off your next purchase. Reply STOP Threads 2 Optout

Promoting your call-to-action on Twitter and Facebook is pretty straightforward – just tweet it or update your Facebook status.


Add A Signup Form To Your Facebook Page

In addition to our regular signup widgets for your website we have a custom tab that you can add to your Facebook page. When people fill out the form we’ll automatically add them to the Groups in your Group Texting account of your choosing. Groups allow you to segment your text message marketing list. You can add contacts to multiple groups or not use Groups at all. Check out the signup tab:

Facebook Signup Tab


Use Your Text Message Marketing List To Promote Your Facebook & Twitter Accounts

Text message marketing is extremely effective because every mobile phone supports text messaging – and because Americans love to text. But smartphones have gotten really popular in the last couple of years thanks to iPhones and Android phones. We’re getting close to the day when a majority of Americans own a smartphone. Using Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular activities among smartphone owners (right up there with local searches). Facebook and Twitter have spent time to build really useful mobile versions of their services. The upshot of all of this? If you want to promote your Twitter account or Facebook page via a shortened link (eg using bit.ly) added to a text message you send to your list, a good percentage of your recipients will be able to browse over to a mobile-optimized version of your social presence.


Don’t have a Group Texting account yet? It’s free to try and there are no commitments or contracts to sign – ever. Join now or take a tour. We’re on Twitter too.

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