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New Parents Want To Receive Text Message Alerts And Coupons!

August 30, 2012 1:41 pm by

The folks over at MarketingCharts have gleaned an interesting nugget from a recent Harris Interactive study:

When Harris Interactive and Placecast asked what types of products, sales and/or promotions would interest parents enough to receive text alerts, 50% of parents with children under 6 years old reported being at least somewhat interested in receiving text alerts about coffee and beverage promotions, compared to 34% of parents with children aged 6-12. The numbers skewed higher in receptiveness for all types of offers among parents of younger children, including for beauty and fashion promotions (38% vs. 34%), travel services and promotions (35% vs. 26%), bar and nightclub promotions (31% vs. 20%), and health-related offers (24% vs. 20%).

Why would new parents be so receptive to text message alerts and coupons? Consider how little time new parents have and the appeal of short, sweet text message alerts really makes a lot of sense.

Read more at MarketingCharts.

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