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New Feature: Sub-Keywords For Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

May 24, 2011 4:27 pm by

If you haven’t checked your Group Texting account in the last week login now to try out our newest feature – Sub-Keywords.

What’s a Sub-Keyword?
A Sub-Keyword is a second word that can be texted to our long code in addition to your Keyword in the format “Keyword Sub-Keyword.” You can create as many Sub-Keywords as you like per Keyword…and they’re absolutely free.

What Can I Do With Sub-Keywords?
Running voting and polling campaigns is easy with Sub-Keywords as each Sub-Keyword you create can have its own auto-response and can be be connected to different groups than its parent Keyword. If you have multiple locations, or are a real estate agency with multiple properties you can setup Sub-Keywords on your primary Keyword(s) for them.

Learn more @ The Keyword Getting Started Guide.

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