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Mass Texting and Customer Loyalty: What’s the Connection?

July 26, 2015 9:42 pm by

Mass texting is not just about attracting new customers to your business. One of the greatest advantages of creating an SMS campaign is building customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is essential in business because it helps to reduce marketing costs and boost repeat business, according to First Source.

Excellent customer service leads to customer retention and loyalty.

With text messages, you connect with your audience in a convenient, easy way that resonates with them. A well thought-out text messaging campaign helps to enhance customer engagement and service, which in turn boosts your customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

What is the Connection Between Texting and Customer Loyalty?

“The customer is always right,” and similar phrases have been around for decades, illustrating the importance of customer service for achieving business success. Creating a customer-centric business is essential for having a successful business.

According to Forbes, once you have truly engaged a customer, you become the only place he or she will go in your particular industry. A loyal customer only turns to their favorite brand, no matter the cost or other factors involved. Personal, one to one service is one of the best ways to create this type of customer loyalty. Using text messages to engage with your audience and improve your customer service is one way to create a personal connection with your customers.

How Can Companies Use Text Messages to Engage Their Customers Over Time?

Mass texting is a communication channel that offers many benefits. It is immediate and connects with many customers where they are already present. Most people read texts within just a few minutes of receipt, and texts are a trusted form of communication. To take advantage of this lucrative means of connecting with your audience, you need to focus on providing quality, value-driven messages personalized to the recipient.

Send messages personalized to the individual customer for a greater impact.

There are several different types of messages you can send to your customers, including offers, tips, appointment reminders, delivery notifications, and other service information. You can also incorporate a system that allows you to receive messages and offer convenient, personalized support to your customers. Additionally, text messages can be used to share tips and other information that is of value to your audience.

What are Some Tips for Creating Personalized Offers to Increase Engagement?

With the right mass texting system in place, it is easy to create a personalized experience for your customers. You can use customer data to create targeted messages for particular demographics and groups. You can also set up text message appointment reminders, offer updates about shipping and delivery via text message, and use mobile to enhance your customer service.

According to Marketing Donut, text messages can also help you build customer loyalty. For example, you might send a special message to a certain group of customers tagged in your system as loyal customers that includes an exclusive offer, free gift, or some other reward.

What are the Best Practices For Mass Texting for Customer Retention and Repeat Business

Although mass texting for marketing and customer service purposes is becoming more and more accepted, you still have to follow certain best practices so that you do not alienate or annoy customers. Remember that even your most loyal customer can be lost with the wrong actions. The most important component of any text message campaign must be that you have express, written permission to text your clients. The FCC requires this as part of their anti-SPAM laws, and customers expect it. Therefore, you need to have an easy way to opt-in to your campaign, and also create an easy way to opt out. When a customer opts in, you should make sure they have access to your terms and conditions, including how often they should receive a text from you.

Trust is important, which is why you should be clear about your campaign’s terms and conditions.

In addition to permission, you also need to be aware of the timing and frequency of messaging. You should stick to texting during business hours. Avoid texting too early in the morning, too late at night, or during rush hour, and always consider your customers in different time zones. Additionally, you should avoid sending too many texts. The ideal amount is around 1 to 2 per week. You should also keep your messages short (under 160 characters), concise, and easy to understand.

By creating a personalized texting strategy, you can boost customer satisfaction, retention, and service. This in turn leads to increased customer loyalty, which helps improve your bottom line.

For more information on boosting customer loyalty and decreasing text message marketing opt outs, check out this helpful Group Texting blog post.

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