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Get More Voters Involved with Mass Texting

January 26, 2016 12:00 am by

With the primaries just around the corner, political campaigns will start to gain even more momentum in the next few months. This means it is time to get voters involved, whether you are a political group supporting a local or national candidate or your group simply wants to ensure that people get out and vote in this year’s election. Mass texting can help ensure that voter turnout far exceeds 36 percent, which was the turnout for the 2014 midterm elections.

Organize Volunteers

Text your volunteers to remind them about rallies and other events.

One way to use mass texting to get more voters involved is to communicate with your volunteers. Whether you have a small group supporting your local campaign or you have thousands of volunteers for a national campaign, you can use mass texting to organize your volunteers. Send out a text reminding your volunteers about events to ensure they show up. There are many other ways to communicate with your volunteers to ensure that you’re getting the support you need for your events or campaign.

Connect with Followers

Mass texting offers another communication channel for reaching your followers; one that is more immediate and intimate. Additionally, text messaging has an almost 100 percent open rate and 8 times the engagement rate of email. Text messaging is also a permission-based communication channel, so people will only sign up if they actually care about the campaign. Texting allows you to connect with your followers in a way that feels more personal, as if you were their friend or family member.

Run Easy to Calculate Polls

Another way to get more voters involved by using mass texting is to conduct polls. Text message polls are easy to set up. You simply have to create a few different keywords, each representing the candidates competing for the seat. Then, you promote the poll to your subscribers. People can then text the keyword for their candidate of choice. You can compare the number of texts each keyword receives to get a better idea of how well your candidate is doing. Texting polls can also be used to find out how people feel about certain issues.

Remind People to Get Out and Vote

Mass texting can also be used as a tool that reminds your followers to get out and vote. This is even more important for the primaries and other off-year elections, as people may not even realize when election day comes and goes. Even with the 2016 election, it is important to remind people to actually go and vote to ensure a wide-scale turnout.

Offer Help

Another way to use mass texting is to offer help to voters. This does not have to be centered on one particular issue or candidate. It can simply be a service that helps people with registering to vote or finding their voting location, or tells them where to find information on the different candidates.

Customize Your Message

By sending personalized messages, you can increase the level of support.

The beauty of mass texting is that it is simple to customize your messages. You can create different groups of subscribers based on their demographics, behavior patterns, concerns, and more. Then, you can send customized messages about a particular issue to ensure your candidate’s message gets out to those who care the most.

Mass text messaging can be used in a variety of ways to support your political campaign. If you are interested in getting started, try GroupTexting for free to make a difference this election cycle.

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