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Do You Know What Your Mobile Subcribers Want from Your Business?

August 18, 2015 9:52 pm by

The most important component of a successful text messaging campaign is creating content of value to your clients. In order to develop valuable content, you first need to know what type of messages your mobile subscribers want to receive. It helps to know your audience and their likes, dislikes, interests, and behavior patterns. With this information, you can create effective and attention-grabbing messages for your audience that meets a need they may not even know they have.

How to Know Your Audience

Learn as much as you can about your audience to create the best messages.

The very first step in developing a successful mobile campaign is to recognize your target audience. There are many different opportunities right at your fingertips to help you learn more about your mobile subscribers. You can review the analytics of your past marketing campaigns to get an idea of what has worked. You can also use some of your keyword and PPC-based research to gauge the interests of your target demographics.

Additionally, you can review customer or subscriber data to learn more about them, including their past shopping and purchasing behaviors. By reviewing your current customers, you can start to see common characteristics, interests, and behavior patterns.

You do not only have to rely on your data; you can also do some market research to learn more about your intended audience. You may also have already done some of this research when you developed your marketing strategy, since many market research concepts have been co-opted by SEO and content, according to Forbes. If you already have done exhaustive research for any of your digital or print campaigns, you can use much of the same data to develop content of value for your text messaging marketing.

Creating Targeted Messages

Learn about people’s lifestyle, attitudes and more for a comprehensive picture.

Once you have a comprehensive a picture of your target audience, you can start to consider what type of messages and services they want from your business. This could include special offers, tips, appointment or event reminders, and more. For an even better campaign, you should create groups based on demographics, interaction, or shopping behavior and develop unique messages for each group. A text message marketing service can easily group your members based on whatever criteria you want. This allows you to have different categories of texts, including those sent to everyone on your list and those sent to a particular demographic or group, such as your most loyal customers or customers who have not visited your store in a while.

Adjusting Your Content to Meet the Needs of Your Customers

A variety of message types can help ensure everyone finds something of value.

No matter how well you know your audience and create content to match what your mobile subscribers want from your business, you will still find yourself with some surprise hits and some misses. You have to continually review your data and adjust your campaign to match what works in reality, not just on paper. It’s also important to change up message formats and content occasionally to keep things interesting and relevant. Consider sending a mixture of tips, encouragement, reminders, offers, links to your blog or social media, questions, surveys or polls, contests, and other messages that your audience will find interesting and helpful. Remember that any offers you send should be unique and different from offers you previously sent.

It may take extra work at the beginning, but learning what your mobile subscribers want from your business and creating texts to match their needs and expectations can help increase your chances of text message marketing success. Targeted messages will help you to grow your subscription list, as well as retain the subscribers you already have. The last thing you want is to have your subscribers opt out of your texting campaign because they do not find value in your content. You can learn more common reasons why subscribers opt out of campaigns by reading this Group Texting blog post.

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