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5 Ways to Liven Up Your Text Marketing Efforts

September 25, 2015 12:00 am by

Have you started to notice a rise in your opt out rates and a fall in your offer redemptions? Perhaps your numbers are remaining stagnant, with no new subscribers joining your program. These markers could signal that your once-strong text message marketing campaign is in dire need of rejuvenation. The following tips can help you to liven up your program to increase your conversions and once again capture the interest of your customers.

Offer Something New

Get your subscribers excited again by sending a new and different type of text.

One of the best ways to immediately liven up your SMS marketing program is to simply offer something new. Repetition is one of the largest campaign killers, so you want to avoid it to keep things fresh and increase engagement, according to Marketing Donut. You could change things up with something simple, such as a special limited time offer that is vastly different than your typical offers, or a contest. By finding ways to continually include new message types, in addition to always changing the actual message content, you keep your campaign fresh over time.

Develop Two-Way Interaction

Text messages are a valuable two-way communication channel. However, many companies only use them as a way to contact customers through offering deals, and sharing appointment reminders, transactional messages, and other information. Incorporating messages that motivate customers to respond back, such as surveys, polls, or customer service initiatives can make people feel excited about your campaign again and may increase the number of subscribers.

Review the Message Content

When you discover that your campaign has started to stagnate or decline, it is important to review your message content. It is easy to get into a habit of sending the same message, or even the same message type, all the time. You may even find that you send it at the same time on the same day. Your subscribers will start to notice this over time and become bored, which may lead to an increase in opt outs or a decline in offer redemptions.

Look closely at your metrics to determine what has worked, and what needs work.

You can discover which content has become boring, and which still works, by reviewing your analytics to see which messages had the lowest open and conversion rates. Then you can determine the weaknesses of the content and find ways to improve it. You may just need to retire a certain type of message for a while due to overuse.

Check the Timing and Frequency

One reason that people may be opting out in droves is simply that you have poor timing and message frequency. You may be sending too many texts or not enough, which can cause people to decide to opt out of your campaign. Alternatively, you may be sending deals too early or too late, which then reduces your subscribers’ ability to actually redeem them.

Certain days of the week, especially Mondays, are poor times to send texts. Additionally, rush hour tends to be an ineffective time to send texts. You also want to take into account different time zones as you are scheduling messages. Keep in mind that every company has different times that work best, so you may need to review your campaign data to determine the best times to send messages.

Segment Your Subscribers

Group your subscribers based on buying habits so you can send custom content.

Your text messages may no longer have an impact because they are too general or not applicable to certain customers. Instead of relying on a general text, segment your subscribers into groups. Develop targeted messages that reflect each groups’ buying habits, demographics, and other information. The more personalized the message, the higher impact it has. A message needs to be relevant to the person, and creating smaller groups makes it easier to create this type of content.

Just because you start to lose subscribers does not mean your text marketing campaign is over. By reviewing your current strategy for strengths and weaknesses, it is easy to find ways to improve a lackluster campaign and get your results back to where you want them.

Ultimately, to ensure you continually have relevant content for your customers, you need to recognize what they want from your business. Learn how to do this by reading this helpful Group Texting blog post.

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