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5 Ways to Integrate Group Texting with Your Other Marketing Campaigns

June 17, 2016 12:00 am by

SMS marketing is a powerful marketing tool with incredible open rates, redemption rates, and engagement rates. Although it works well on its own, it really reaches its full potential as part of a fully integrated marketing campaign. Integrating your different marketing channels, including social media, email, web page, digital ads, and print ads, does not follow one simple path. There are many different ways that you can utilize all your marketing campaigns to feed off of each other for increased success.

Use It as a CTA

People can easily text when they see your ad because their phone is nearby

One of the easiest – and most common – ways that group texting becomes integrated with other campaigns is through its use as a call to action. Texting provides a powerful CTA for any campaign. People have their phone with them within arm’s reach at almost every hour of the day. This makes it easy for them to see an ad and take an immediate action. All that is needed is a short code and keyword with some basic information about your program added to your marketing collateral. This is not just for print ads, but it can also be used on radio ads, TV ads, and your digital marketing platforms. It provides one more way for customers to engage with you and get in touch, helping increase the success of the marketing campaigns you are already running.

Cross Promote

Another way to integrate your group texting program with your existing marketing campaigns is to cross promote. You can use your text message subscribers as an audience to whom to ask to follow you on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms. Your email newsletter can include information about your texting program to increases subscribers. When you run a contest on one channel, you can let those who follow you in another one know about the contest to increase numbers. Those who sign up for your group texting program tend to be highly engaged, since text messaging is still seen as a private, intimate avenue of communication. Therefore, they will be more likely to become involved in any event you wish to promote on another channel. Similarly, people who follow you on social media or receive your emails already have an interest in your company, so they will be more likely to get involved in your texting campaign.

Related – But Unique – Content

When you do run campaigns across multiple channels, it is important that you retain unique value in each one. This keeps people motivated to sign up and remain part of the program, even if they also sign up to follow you on another channel. Therefore, you want to ensure that the messages you send to your text subscribers remain exclusive.

You can run related content to cross promote something or just highlight what is going on in your company at the time. However, the messages should retain a sense of exclusivity and specialness. This could be that your text message followers get information earlier than other channels, or you might include an offer or deal with the message. Alternatively, you may choose to highlight one product or service on one channel and a different one on another.

Find What’s Missing

Another important aspect of a strong integrated campaign is that the different channels complement each other. When you develop your group texting campaign, it is beneficial to first determine what is missing. Ultimately, you want to provide value and positive disruption to your customers when you send messages.

Therefore, the program needs to fulfill a need or niche. This could be an extension of a current program, such as additional rewards for loyal customers. You might reserve coupons and offers for your texting customers. Because texting is a more immediate channel, it might be the place for exclusive, last minute deals you reserve to increase sales on a slow day. By reviewing your current marketing channels, you can determine what might best complement your overall strategy.

Know Which Customers Follow You on Multiple Channels

It is beneficial to have an idea of who follows you on more than one channel

The ideal customer is one who follows you on all your marketing channels. They follow your social media profiles on all networks, receive your emails, and now wish to subscribe to your group texting program. Most likely, they also see your print, digital and TV/radio ads. What you don’t want to do is oversaturate this customer. Instead, you want to create a sales funnel that captures the leads and takes them through multiple touch points until they convert to customers. It is important that you know how many customers follow you through multiple channels, and perhaps exactly which ones. This can help you to tailor messages and marketing schedules to these customers to reduce ad fatigue.

With group texting, you can create groups out of your subscribers and send targeted messages to those people. Those who follow you on multiple channels can just information exclusive to your group texting program, while you might send some other generic but important business announcement to your other subscribers so that they know what is going on.

With the right plan in place, you can develop a strong marketing strategy that integrates group texting with your other marketing channels. This allows you to leverage the exciting benefits of the medium while complementing what you already have in place to reduce oversaturating your customers and instead retain their interest and support.

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