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5 Reasons to Use Group Texting for Communicating with Your Staff

February 22, 2016 12:00 am by

Mobiles may come without leashes nowadays, but they’ve become so attached to peoples’ daily routines that they may as well. Surveys show that around 90 percent of Americans have their phone switched on and in their pocket 24/7. This constant connection is what makes these tools so useful to marketing departments, as it enables mass text messaging to reach numerous people instantly.

No matter where someone is, that phone is bound to be with them.

Yet when focusing on their benefits for seeking external customers, businesses too often forget that their employees have the exact same habits as they do. As a result, group texting has its potential for internal communications as well.

Bringing Life Habits into the Office

Despite the rise of messaging applications and social media sites, more than three-quarters of people still use a texting service. And even if they don’t, all phones are still capable of sending and receiving texts, meaning the option is open to virtually all company employees.

To give businesses credit, many recognize the potential of texting: a survey by Vitiello Communications Group found that just under 70 percent of companies think they should be using a text messaging service to reach employees. The problem is that more than half of them don’t. If only they knew the various benefits group texting could bring, they’d most likely make the leap.

Doesn’t matter how many screens are in front of an employee, that little one takes precedence.

1. A Guaranteed Read

Emails may get lost in feeds and many people forget to check voice mails, but most keep an eye on their phones, where unread messages are easier to find. The alerts mobile users receive when a text arrives means they’ll almost certainly check it immediately.

2. Time Saver

Calling the masses to a boardroom meeting, shouting out to the office and telling everyone the news face-to-face can all be time-consuming methods which distract employees and harm their productivity as a result. A quick mass SMS which everyone can receive without moving from their spot is the least disruptive approach.

3. Quick in an Emergency

The boss is too sick to come in, horrendous weather’s closed the roads or the office is on fire. However big or small the important news, if everyone needs to know it immediately then a text messaging service is the fastest way to reach them all.

4. Easy to Store, Easy to Access

Even if someone gets a message instantly, they may not be able to react to it there and then. Thankfully, with mass texting it takes an employee a matter of seconds to grab and check their phone to see what the news was. The fact that texts essentially force employers to be brief also makes remembering these messages a lot easier.

5. Motivate the Masses

It’s not always about breaking news, of course. Sometimes a quick joke, a reminder about targets or just an encouraging message can help boost everyone’s mood when they’re starting to get sluggish. Doing an office shout-out can backfire if it looks awkward and calling a board meeting would be seen as over-the-top, but group texting finds that convenient balance that seems appropriate.

Make that Leap Today

It’s tempting to put these ideas on the back-burner when things are getting hectic, but if there’s a chance to put them to use soon then you’ll start to feel the benefits earlier. We want to give you that opportunity today with an offer that lets you try Group Texting for free, enabling you to improve your internal communications at the click of a button.

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