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3 Reasons to Add Bulk Text Messaging to Your Emergency Notification System

May 14, 2015 8:00 pm by

Use bulk SMS messaging alerts to quickly convey messages in order to improve safety.

Imagine finding out that there’s a sexual predator roaming your child’s high school campus, but notification about this danger didn’t fully circulate until hours or even days later? Now picture the same scenario, but this time, a wave of text alerts are sent out within seconds of the predator being discovered.

The second version of the story can keep a lot of people out of danger by keeping them informed, and giving them a chance to act before it’s too late.

That’s the power of bulk text messaging. What used to be shared through email blasts and print communications has become much faster, more effective, and affordable via text messaging. These short, to-the-point messages can be sent and received in a matter of minutes. There’s no doubt about it: bulk texts are the fastest way to send an alert to a large group of people.

Whether you run an office building, retail outlet, or school, setting up a bulk text messaging system can prove to be a priceless tool in an emergency situation. Here are just a few benefits of adding this type of emergency notification protocol to your organization’s communication system.

1. Send Out Immediate Alerts

Nothing warrants a speedy message more than an emergency situation. Whether there’s a fire in an office, a burglary in a retail store, or a suspicious person trying to make his way into a school, having the ability to send out an emergency text to the right parties can literally mean the difference between life and death. It really can be that serious.

Parents, students, faculty, personnel and authorities have a lot more time to come up with a fast, well-thought out plan of action if they are quickly informed of a threat via text message. While mass text messaging can be a life-saver in dangerous situations, this approach can also be used to communicate something as simple as a school or office closure, or delayed opening due to bad weather. Even when no electricity is available, fully-charged mobile phones can continuously receive an influx of emergency alerts.

2. Allow Text Recipients to Respond Quickly to Protect Themselves

No matter what the emergency scenario, bulk text messaging can allow citizens, students, and personnel to be much more well-informed via a solitary SMS emergency alert. There are many circumstances where this would be invaluable.

Texts are the fastest way to circulate an emergency notification.

What if there was a fire on the fifth floor in an office building, but personnel on other floors don’t find out about it until it was too late? What if there is a terrorist attack taking place at one end of an educational facility, but students and faculty on the other end of the institution had no idea it was happening?

By sending out a mass emergency alert about these hazards, people have a lot more time to act and remove themselves from a potentially fatal situation. That’s the power of bulk text messaging.

3. Communicate Quickly and Clearly With Family Members

Schools in particular can benefit from SMS messaging services. One message can be sent out to all parents and family members of students quickly and easily, and an increasing number of schools are taking notice. Many have already started using bulk SMS messaging as the solution of choice to effectively manage with mass communication with all relevant parties.

By using this type of innovative platform, school administrators can communicate with students, parents, and personnel in an instant. With the click of a button, dozens and even hundreds of people can receive the emergency text notification.

Even something as simple as last minute scheduling changes or event cancellations can be more effectively and quickly conveyed through a mass text message distribution. Parents can keep close tabs on the school event schedule, while having the peace of mind knowing that they’re only a text away from being instantly notified of any emergency.

Group Texting – Mobile Messaging Made Easy

Emergency text messages can save lives. By incorporating a bulk text message system into your organization’s communication protocol, you’re showing everyone out there that you care, and that your place of business is a responsible one.

At Group Texting, we take bulk text messaging for emergency situations very seriously, and as such, we’ve perfected our system. If you’re ready to add mass SMS messaging to your emergency notification system, trust Group Texting to tackle it for you. Try it for free today!

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