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What Are Long Codes and How Do They Work?

August 29, 2017 8:00 am by

When you receive a text message from a business, what does the number look like? Most likely, it is a five- or six-digit code known as a short code. However, your business does not have to follow suit; you can choose to invest in a long code instead.

A long code is a 10-digit number that appears like a traditional phone number. These types of codes are primarily set up differently than short codes. One drawback is that you can only send out one message per second compared to around 40 messages per second for short codes. However, there are many benefits to using this type of number.

Unique Code 

Mass texting

You are the only one sending messages with that number, so customers know the message comes from you.

Although it is possible to have your own unique short code, it is very expensive. This leaves many companies sharing their codes with other companies as a way to cut marketing costs. Long codes, on the other hand, are much less expensive, which makes it easy to have a unique number without stretching your marketing budget. With a unique code, it is much easier to incorporate the number into your brand identity so that customers recognize the number as coming from you.

Customers Know Who You Are 

Although short codes are easier to memorize, customers will learn to identify your long code and recognize the sender of the message as someone they trust. People identify long codes with friends and family members, so you also benefit from the subconscious association with familiarity. Furthermore, you can set it up so that the long code is the same phone number you use for incoming calls. Then, customers who wish to get in touch with you can either text you or call you at the same number.


Because a long code is much less expensive than a short code, it helps your mass texting program remain cost-effective. You benefit from many of the advantages of the medium without having to spend extra money on a unique code. Although the per-message rates for long codes tend to be a little higher, you ultimately save money by having lower set up costs and monthly fees.

Higher Delivery Rate 

Because long codes are traditional 10-digit phone numbers, they do not have to go through the same rigorous screening as short codes. This means that you have a higher chance of your messages being delivered to your customers. Not all mobile carriers accept short codes, although most of the bigger ones do. Since a long code is just like a regular phone number, you don’t have to worry that your messages aren’t being received.

Fast Set Up 

Mass texting

With a long code, you can get your program up and running the same day.

Short codes may take a long time to set up, especially if you buy your own. Long codes, on the other hand, are very quick to implement. Generally, you can set up a long code the same day and begin sending out messages.

Long codes have many benefits, but it is important that you recognize the rules and regulations regarding their use in the U.S. or other locations. Curious whether a long code or a short code works best for your business? We are ready to help. Try GroupTexting for free and gain from the many advantages of the medium.

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