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New SMSAlarm Finds Your Android

July 8, 2013 11:43 am by

We’ve all run into the problem of setting your cell phone to “silent” only to later realize that you’ve misplaced it. According to cnet.com, Android users now have access to a new app that can help resolve this common problem:

Download and install the free Android app SMSAlarm, which offers the rudimentary yet essential option of texting your phone a secret message to elicit a loud alarm. The app is about as elementary as you can get, and that’s how I like ’em.

Though, there is a slight hangup with the app:

There’s no alarm customization, and it’s pretty loud, but better too loud than too soft. I would expect any future versions of the app to address that customization hole.

But hey, better to to have a rigid solution than no solution at all! Read more about this new phone finding app at cnet.com.



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