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8 Tips for Personalizing Your Mass Texting Efforts

To get the most out of your text message campaign, you need to find ways to personalize your messages to customers. As with any marketing channel, people respond better to personalized content. They feel as though the message is really for them, rather than a general audience, and may be less likely to disregard or ignore the message. For example, emails that are personalized have a 25 percent higher open rate and 51 percent higher click rate, according to MarketingProfs. Personalization can help increase the likelihood that your customers will read and respond to your text marketing efforts as well.

Customer Demographics

Get to know your customers preferences and habits for a better texting campaign.

The very first action you need to take to create a personalized mass texting campaign is to collect as much information about your customers and subscriber list as possible. The best way to do this is to integrate your list with your other channels so you can have a better overview and understanding of the customer and his or her preferences and actions. The more information you have about your mobile subscribers, the more effectively you can target your text messages.

Create Targeted Groups

Most text message platforms make it easy to create groups out of your subscriber list. This allows you to send certain subscribers certain messages based on their specific preferences or actions. For example, you can create a group of those who have not made a purchase at your store recently and send a text along with a special offer to encourage them to shop with you again. If you own a restaurant, you can keep track of your customers’ preferences and share discounts on their favorite menu items. With targeted groups, you can send messages that seem personalized but are still part of a mass texting campaign.

Add Names to Your Message

Address your customers by name in the message for a personal touch.

An easy way to make messages seem personalized is to simply add your customers’ names. Many mass texting services make this easy by creating a mail merge template with a place for a name. When you address your customers by name in your messages, you will increase the chance that he or she will not only open the text but also respond.

Keep an Eye on the Time

An important component to the success of text messaging is timing. Text messaging is an immediate and direct medium. Therefore, you can easily send a message just a few hours before you want your customer to act. For example, you can distribute a lunch hour deal two hours before lunch to grab the attention of your subscribers and motivate them to choose your establishment for their lunch break.

Be aware of the different time zones when you send out your messages.

When you create these timely deals, it’s important to personalize the message to the recipient’s time zone. If everyone on your subscriber list is in the same geographic location, this will not matter. However, if you have subscribers across the country, you want to send your deals at the right time for each time zone. It’s also important to ensure that you do not text too early or too late in each time zone.

Reward Loyalty

One way to use your text messaging service as a personalized marketing tool is to create a loyalty rewards program for your subscribers. You can create groups out of those who frequent your establishment and send unique coupons, offers, or other messages to reward them for their patronage. When you do this, you should try to customize the deal as much as possible. According to a survey by e-tailing Groups and MyBuys cited in Mobile Marketer, around 66 percent of consumers expect their loyalty program to be personalized to their experience. Therefore, you should try to created targeted deals for your mobile audience. For example, you can offer them a favorite dessert for free or send a deal that aligns with their typical shopping habits.


An easy way to personalize a text message is to create recommendations for your clients based on their past purchase history. You can also create a text message service option in store that allows your customer to text a keyword for recommendations on what to buy, according to Street Fight Magazine. This works well on specialty items, such as car parts or electronic accessories.

Send Order Follow Ups

Text your customers the status of their order and delivery.

Another way that you can create personalized messages is to generate automated responses to follow up on a client’s order. If you own an eCommerce store, you can have your customers sign up for text message order follow ups and reminders. You can then send out messages that thank them for the order and provide status updates, including when it ships and when it is delivered.


Reminders are also easy-to-personalize messages, especially for appointments at healthcare facilities, salons, spas, and other service-based businesses. You can also send out a reminder to reorder products for customers that purchase the same products from you on a regular basis.

There are many ways to create customized mass texting campaigns for your subscriber list. Most platforms make it simple to develop automated messages with a personal touch so that you have the best of both worlds.

For more information about other ways to increase your mobile offer redemption rate, read this informative blog post from Group Texting.

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July 30th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

The Top 8 Benefits of Group Texting for Your Business

Finding new ways to attract and retain customers helps to ensure that your business continues to succeed. In the past, marketers have focused on broadcasting their campaigns to the largest audience possible. However, many companies are now choosing to spend the time and money on smaller groups of customers, such as those who have already visited their establishment. This is termed narrowcasting, and one of the best tools for narrowcasting is group texting. According to Mashable, this approach works because texting has become such a popular communication tool.

Text messages are invaluable tools for your business.

Here are eight key benefits of using group texting as a narrowcasting tool to market to your customers.

Increased Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is currently all the rage in the marketing circuits. This is because engaged and satisfied consumers become loyal customers who will refer your business to their network. There are many ways to use group texting to increase engagement with your customers, including sending out special offers, order updates, useful tips, appointment reminders, event updates, and more.

Raise Awareness About Offers, Programs, and Events

Another benefit of incorporating text messages into your marketing efforts is that you can raise awareness about not just your company but also any offers, sales, programs, and events. You can send messages to your subscriber list to remind them about a program or event taking place, which in turn can help boost your total attendance.

Market your event to your subscriber list to build your attendance.

Directly Connect with Customers

Group texting is an effective tool for connecting directly with customers. Because texts have such a high open rate, you have an increased chance that your customers actually read your marketing message. You can also personalize the messages based on demographics and other information, especially if you integrate your text messaging efforts with your other marketing channels. Some services also allow for two-way communication, which is helpful if you are interested in using text messages as a customer service tool.

Immediate Communication Channel

In addition to being direct, text messaging is also an immediate communication channel. Most people open their text messages within three minutes, according to research by MobileSquared. Therefore, you can send messages in close proximity to when they need to be read and acted upon. For example, you can distribute a special lunchtime offer an hour or two before the lunch hour.

Engage Over Time to Build a Relationship

Text messaging doesn’t work well as a one-time communication channel. It works best for companies who use it to communicate with their customers over time. Sharing one deal and never using texts to connect with your mobile subscribers again decreases the value of the medium. By sending out two to four messages a month, you can continually engage with your customers and build a relationship. This approach helps you increase customer loyalty.

Use your texting system to continually engage with your customers and create loyalty.

Ease of Use

Another benefit of group texting is that it is simple to use for both you and your customers. Most customers send and receive text messages frequently, so they are very aware of how to use the channel. For companies, the group texting platform is intuitive. It can easily be used to build and manage your subscriber list, and message distribution is simple.

Easily Integrate with Other Channels

Text messages have many benefits as a stand-alone tool, but they also work very well in cross-channel marketing efforts. Integrating your mobile program across channels is simple. You can include a keyword and a code to text on print and digital ads in order to attract more mobile subscribers. Cross-channel efforts also help to boost brand awareness, which increases the chance that customers will act, according to SmartInsights. Alternatively, you can message your mobile subscriber list to inform them about your email, social, and print marketing campaigns as well.

Integrate your texting with your email marketing for greater impact

Track and Analyze to Improve Over Time

It is easy to track and analyze the results of your group texting campaign. Easy tracking simplifies the process of building a stronger campaign over time. By regularly monitoring your metrics, you can have a strong idea about the health of your campaign and make any small, or large, adjustments as needed for an immediate change.

If you are ready to see for yourself how texting can help your business, try Group Texting for free today!

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July 28th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Mass Texting and Customer Loyalty: What’s the Connection?

Mass texting is not just about attracting new customers to your business. One of the greatest advantages of creating an SMS campaign is building customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is essential in business because it helps to reduce marketing costs and boost repeat business, according to First Source.

Excellent customer service leads to customer retention and loyalty.

With text messages, you connect with your audience in a convenient, easy way that resonates with them. A well thought-out text messaging campaign helps to enhance customer engagement and service, which in turn boosts your customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

What is the Connection Between Texting and Customer Loyalty?

“The customer is always right,” and similar phrases have been around for decades, illustrating the importance of customer service for achieving business success. Creating a customer-centric business is essential for having a successful business.

According to Forbes, once you have truly engaged a customer, you become the only place he or she will go in your particular industry. A loyal customer only turns to their favorite brand, no matter the cost or other factors involved. Personal, one to one service is one of the best ways to create this type of customer loyalty. Using text messages to engage with your audience and improve your customer service is one way to create a personal connection with your customers.

How Can Companies Use Text Messages to Engage Their Customers Over Time?

Mass texting is a communication channel that offers many benefits. It is immediate and connects with many customers where they are already present. Most people read texts within just a few minutes of receipt, and texts are a trusted form of communication. To take advantage of this lucrative means of connecting with your audience, you need to focus on providing quality, value-driven messages personalized to the recipient.

Send messages personalized to the individual customer for a greater impact.

There are several different types of messages you can send to your customers, including offers, tips, appointment reminders, delivery notifications, and other service information. You can also incorporate a system that allows you to receive messages and offer convenient, personalized support to your customers. Additionally, text messages can be used to share tips and other information that is of value to your audience.

What are Some Tips for Creating Personalized Offers to Increase Engagement?

With the right mass texting system in place, it is easy to create a personalized experience for your customers. You can use customer data to create targeted messages for particular demographics and groups. You can also set up text message appointment reminders, offer updates about shipping and delivery via text message, and use mobile to enhance your customer service.

According to Marketing Donut, text messages can also help you build customer loyalty. For example, you might send a special message to a certain group of customers tagged in your system as loyal customers that includes an exclusive offer, free gift, or some other reward.

What are the Best Practices For Mass Texting for Customer Retention and Repeat Business

Although mass texting for marketing and customer service purposes is becoming more and more accepted, you still have to follow certain best practices so that you do not alienate or annoy customers. Remember that even your most loyal customer can be lost with the wrong actions. The most important component of any text message campaign must be that you have express, written permission to text your clients. The FCC requires this as part of their anti-SPAM laws, and customers expect it. Therefore, you need to have an easy way to opt-in to your campaign, and also create an easy way to opt out. When a customer opts in, you should make sure they have access to your terms and conditions, including how often they should receive a text from you.

Trust is important, which is why you should be clear about your campaign’s terms and conditions.

In addition to permission, you also need to be aware of the timing and frequency of messaging. You should stick to texting during business hours. Avoid texting too early in the morning, too late at night, or during rush hour, and always consider your customers in different time zones. Additionally, you should avoid sending too many texts. The ideal amount is around 1 to 2 per week. You should also keep your messages short (under 160 characters), concise, and easy to understand.

By creating a personalized texting strategy, you can boost customer satisfaction, retention, and service. This in turn leads to increased customer loyalty, which helps improve your bottom line.

For more information on boosting customer loyalty and decreasing text message marketing opt outs, check out this helpful Group Texting blog post.

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July 26th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

How Text Messaging Can Give Your E-commerce Business a Boost

The e-commerce industry has continually grown over the past two decades. In fact, 2014 saw a 15.4 percent rise in sales, and sales reached $300 billion for the first time, according to data from Commerce Department. As more and more people choose to shop online, there has also been an increase in companies offering their goods and services in that space. This has created a competitive market that has the potential to become oversaturated with businesses vying for customers.

To be successful in the vast space of the Internet, you have to market your company and create an excellent customer experience to stand out from the crowd. Text message marketing is an effective way to give your business a boost.

Stand out from Competition

To achieve success in e-commerce, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition.

With so much competition in the e-commerce field, it is up to you to find ways to attract customers and differentiate yourself from your competition. Typically, the prices and product offerings are similar, unless you offer a truly unique product or service. That means that you have to do much more than just beat your competition in price wars. For many customers, the entire customer experience is now much more important than other features of a store, and creating a mobile program can help improve your customer interaction, according to Matt Ambrose at Business 2 Community.

Enhance Customer Service

Customer service is an essential component to running a successful e-commerce business. According to data from Defaqto Research, over half of consumers (55 percent) would be willing to pay more for an item if it meant that there was a better customer experience.

Customer service is important, even for stores that trade exclusively online.

Text messages can easily be folded into your existing customer service system. Customers can choose to receive delivery updates, notifications about stock availability, and other transactional messages about their order through text message rather than email. If you sign up for a text messaging service that allows for incoming texts, you can also have people contact you via text with any problems or issues.

Send Offers for Up-selling or Encouraging Purchase of Related Product

You can take advantage of customers opting into your texting service by sending offers soon after they make a purchase that suggest related products or other up-selling options. Although this can be an effective way to attract more sales, you want to be careful how many messages you send. You do not want to frustrate your customers with too many sales pitches. A simple text that says, “Thank you for your purchase, click here to see related products” or something similar will help you to capitalize on purchases without alienating customers.

Special Promotions and Offers

Text messaging is also the perfect way to send special promotions and offers. With a nearly 100 percent open rate and redemption rates much higher than other mediums, you will see better conversions by sharing offers through text message rather than email or social media.

Send unique deals and special offers to your mobile subscribers.

When you do send out offers, you want to be sure they are unique to your mobile marketing campaign. Your message will lose value if you distribute the same offer across all channels, or if you continually send the same offer.

Text message marketing is an effective way to reach more customers, no matter how big or small your business budget. You can integrate your mobile program with your other marketing efforts, or it can work as its own marketing tool. Most importantly, text messages can improve the overall customer experience and help you stand out from the competition, which in turn improves your bottom line. If you are ready to see how text messaging can help your e-commerce business, try Group Texting for free.

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July 23rd, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Act Now: Creating SMS Calls to Action that Convert

Your call to action is an integral component of your text message marketing efforts. A good call to action can increase your response rates, which in turn helps you achieve your business goals. Conversely, a missing or ineffective call to action can reduce your chances of success. You can create more effective calls to action by following these simple tips.

Use Action Words that Count

The best calls to action use strong action words, such as click, shop, buy, come in, call, and register. By choosing one of these words, you are directing your audience, rather than asking or suggesting they do something. This clearly imparts to your customer exactly what you want him or her to do. When choosing these words, always take the time to ensure you use the ones that accurately convey your message. With text messages, you are limited to only 160 characters, so every word you choose counts.

Use action verbs to get people to do what you want.

If you are unsure which words to use, first consider the goal you wish to achieve with the message, according to Content Marketing Institute. Once you know your intended goal, you can determine what action you want your customers to take with the message. Then, you can choose the best word to convey the desired action.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Your calls to action should also convey a sense of urgency for your customers. Words such as act now, limited time, expires soon, and one-day offer will compel your audience to redeem their offers or take another action quickly. If they do not feel that they need to take action right away, then there is a strong chance they will forget, which can negatively impact your offer redemptions.

Make your customers feel they have to act right away or lose the chance.

Text messaging is an immediate channel. Studies have shown that most people open a message within minutes of receipt. Although this is a strong advantage of group texting, it can also be a disadvantage because people do not necessarily keep and remember texts to act on later. Limited time offers and similar messages that convey urgency encourage people to act right away before they have a chance to put it aside and forget.

Be Clear

When you create your calls to action, you want to be sure you are clear and concise. One common mistake businesses make when developing content is including too much information in one message. Group texting by nature has to be short and sweet, so it is best to choose just one action you want your customers to take and use that information in your call to action. If you have more you want to say, then you can break your message down into multiple texts to send throughout the week or month, rather than try to include everything in one message.

Create Compelling Offers

The most important aspect of developing a strong call to action is to create compelling messages and offers for your customers. You should always include something of real value, and offers should be unique, according to If you are sending out a special offer, then you want to send something that is compelling enough to get your potential customers to take action. Offering something for free is a great way to grab your audience’s attention; whether it is shipping for online retailers, appetizers or desserts for restaurants, or a small trinket for signing up for membership.

People love free things, which is why it is a strong word to include in your CTA.

Additionally, it is a good idea to create different CTAs for every message. You do not want your customers to feel that they are constantly getting the same message, or that they do not need to act right away because they will get a similar offer in the future. Instead, each message you send should have a unique and different CTA to help you capitalize on the benefits of text message marketing. For more tips on CTAs, read this helpful Group Texting blog post.

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5 Common Reasons Why Mobile Subscribers Opt-Out

No matter what you do, there will always be some subscribers who choose to opt out of your mobile campaign. The opt out rate for mass text messaging is relatively small, approximately 3.7 percent, according to a study by Hello World. Although opt out rates are typically low, it’s important to do what you can to reduce the number of people who choose to unsubscribe to your mobile program. To decrease opt outs, you first need to recognize the most common reasons why people choose to do so.

Poor Timing

Hello World’s Retail Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report showed that the opt out rate for text message campaigns differed based on the day of the week. During the week, the opt out rate for mobile campaigns was a mere 1.8 percent. However, when messages were sent on the weekend, that rate went up significantly to 5.8 percent. Based on this data, you should send your messages during the week and limit the number of texts you distribute outside business hours.

Avoid texting on the weekends unless you’re sharing information about a special event or sale.

Too Many Messages

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to opt out of a campaign is too many messages. Potential customers may subscribe to your mobile program, but if they feel inundated by messages they will soon tire or become annoyed. Therefore, it’s important to limit how many messages you send to ensure they retain their impact and do not incite people to unsubscribe.

According BlueHornet’s Consumer Views of Email Marketing Report, the optimum number of texts to send is 1 to 2 per week. Although this is a good guideline to follow, every situation is unique. Reviewing your campaign data will help you recognize the optimal frequency for your company.

The Tone or Content

Creating the ideal content for your mass text messaging campaign can be difficult. Since you’re communicating with so many people at one time, there’s always the chance that your message won’t resonate with somebody. However, there are actions to take to reduce the chance of this happening.

Typically, it makes sense to avoid using abbreviations, text speak, industry terms, and slang, as this may alienate or confuse your mobile subscribers. You should also be careful about the type of humor you use in your messages, as some people are easily offended.

Not everyone shares the same humor, so be careful when sending jokes.

The best way to avoid potential issues is to create messages with a professional tone in line with your brand’s message.

Irrelevant Content or Incentives

Another common reason that people start to opt out of campaigns is that the content or incentives are no longer relevant or interesting to them. Some of this is simply out of your control. For example, someone may have signed up for a discount to your store to buy a gift but have no reason to continue to patronize your business. Additional reasons may be that customers have moved, their tastes have changed, or a myriad of other situations.

However, some people may choose to opt out of your mass text messaging campaign because they feel that the content is irrelevant to them, even if they still conduct business with you. To avoid this, it’s important to send out a variety of message types so that your mobile subscribers do not become bored. You should also change up the offers or incentives you send out.

Negative Experience with Your Company

If a customer has a negative experience with your company, it may also prompt them to opt out of your mobile program. Their opt out could be a result of purchasing a poor product, a bad customer service experience, an encounter with rude employee, or some other unfortunate incident.

Good customer service increases customer retention.

Although these situations can have a negative impact on your total mobile subscribers, they are not directly related to your campaign. By ensuring that you reduce the potential for poor customer experiences across your company, you can keep your mobile opt outs under control.

Continually analyzing your mobile program’s data can help you determine what is working well for your business. One important metric to consider is your opt in and opt out rate. If you see a spike in opt outs at a given time, then it’s important to look where your campaign may need some work. If you are unsure whether you send too many text messages, read this helpful Group Texting blog post for further information.

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June 28th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

How to Choose the Right Text Messaging Service for Your Business

Mobile marketing has become increasingly popular as smartphones have become more prevalent among consumers. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, the spending for mobile marketing increased by 100 percent in 2013. If you are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of adding text messaging to your marketing efforts, then it’s important to find the right text messaging service.

Because text marketing has become popular, there are many companies which offer this type of service. When you assess your options, you need to look at more than just the total cost to choose the right partner for your business.

Types of Services Provided

Text message services offer more than just the ability to text your customers.

The very first thing you should ask a potential text messaging service provider is the type of features they provide for clients. It’s important to find a company that offers the services that match your needs and will help you to achieve your business goals. Some agencies offer package deals that include text and digital marketing components, while other companies simply offer a text messaging system. You also have options with text message services such as long codes, short codes, shared codes, keywords, contact management, sending mass texts, sending texts to a small group, sending individual texts, receiving texts, and automated texts.

The Platform and Other Features

In addition to the services provided by the company, you should also ask about the platform and other features. Having a platform that is easy for you to use when it comes to managing your contacts and creating your messages is important. Some platforms also have the ability to save templates and schedule texts to send at a specific time.

Carrier Partners

A very important consideration when comparing text message service providers is the wireless carriers with which they are compatible. It’s important to find a service that works with all the major wireless carriers, such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T Mobile, as well as smaller mobile carriers. The more carriers with which you can work; the more clients that can sign up for your service.

Choose a service with more carrier partners to ensure greater coverage.

Reporting and Analysis

Reports, data, and analytics are essential components to help you ensure that your text messaging campaign is successful. You want to continually review your reports in order to see what works, and what does not work, so that you can make necessary adjustments to your campaign. Therefore, it’s important to discuss with your potential partners the type of reports and analysis they offer as part of their services.

Client Support

No matter how tech savvy you may be, you always want to work with a company that offers excellent client support. If you have any type of issue, you need to be able to contact someone quickly and get the issue resolved so that you can continue with your text messaging service.


When you look for a company with which to work, you want to find one that has been in business for several years. Beyond just experience offering mobile marketing solutions, it’s also important to find a company that has experience in your specific industry, according to WiseGeek. Every industry has its nuances, so you want to work with someone who will be able to offer you the best solutions and advice to succeed within your industry.

How the Fees and Costs are Calculated

The total cost of the service is always going to be a significant factor in choosing the right company with which to work. When you compare the different costs, you should be aware of how the fees and costs are calculated. Different businesses structure costs differently, so services may look as though they are less expensive when they may end up being more expensive. Consider monthly service charges as well as per message costs when looking at different text message marketing companies.

Make sure you have accurately calculated the cost before comparing quotes.

When you search for a text message service, you want to be sure that you choose the right one the first time. Going through the different features and asking appropriate questions can help you find the right match for your company, business goals, and situation. If you are ready to start text messaging for your company, then try Group Texting for free.

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June 24th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

How Can We Help You: 5 Strategies for Using Text Messages as a Customer Service Tool

Customer service is an essential component of your company, whether you sell goods or offer services. One way to enhance your customer service is to offer easy ways to connect with your clients or customers. As mobile usage becomes more prevalent, and more people are turning to their phone to connect with businesses, offering text messaging as one avenue for customer service provides a way to be present in an area where people already are.

It is important to find ways to connect with and support your customers.

According to January 2014 data from Pew Internet, around 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone and 81 percent use it to send and receive texts. Additionally, 44 percent of people sleep near their phone to ensure they do not miss any messages or updates, and 67 percent check their phone for phantom messages. If you are looking for ways to use text messaging as a customer service tool, then try one of the following five strategies.

Send Out Reminders

People’s schedules are filled to the max, making it easy for them to forget about appointments. Therefore, one effective way to use your text message service is to send out reminders about upcoming appointments. This works very well because people can easily add the appointment to their calendars in their smartphones. Additionally, people check text messages faster and more often than email and voicemail.

In addition to appointment reminders, you can also choose to send out reminders for other events. For example, if you regularly host live events in your club or restaurant or manage a theater, you can share reminders about upcoming events to those who purchased tickets.

Allow Customers to Text Questions

According to a recent study published in eWeek, about 52 percent of consumers would prefer to text with a customer service representative about a problem rather than the current methods available. Additionally, around 47 percent said that being able to text would lead to a higher satisfaction rating. By offering this type of service, you are fulfilling the desires of your customer base.

Customers with questions or problems want the ability to just text the question.

If you choose to offer live texting customer support, you need to have dedicated agents who understand the SMS system and can easily engage and answer any questions or solve problems. You can also set up your texting system to have automated responses for certain keywords, which can be a good first line of customer support.

Text to Order System

An SMS system can also be used to make it easy for people to place orders, especially for restaurants. Instead of having to call or order online, people can text in their lunch order while at work, making it easy for them to just quickly come by and pick it up at a designated time. You can also include delivery options to make it even easier for people to order food, whether during a short lunch break at work or to be delivered home after a long day.

Delivery Updates

When you send a package to clients, you can offer them the opportunity to get delivery updates on the package via text message. This can include important information such as when the package leaves your facility, when it checks into different points along the way, and when it is delivered.

Keep customers informed on their package with text updates.

You can also update about any delays or problems, including whether you need additional information to fulfill the delivery. Because people check text messages so often, you can feel confident that your customers are well informed about the delivery process.

Send Updates About a Project

Text messaging can also enhance customer service for companies in the construction business, including plumbers and electricians. If you need to update one of your clients about a project, then you can send a text rather than calling or emailing. This makes it easy for your clients to receive the message at their convenience and get back to you if they have any questions, or if you need any additional information from them. This can also be used for other industries in which you are completing projects for a client, such as printing, advertising, automobile service, and more.

There are many different ways that you can use your text message service for more than just advertising and customer engagement. By offering text messages as another avenue of customer service, you can boost your customer retention, which in turn will improve your bottom line.

To learn more about why text messaging is worth the investment, read this helpful Group Texting blog post.

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How to Achieve Texting Success with Your SMS Call to Action

Your calls to action are the most important element of your text message marketing campaign. A strong call to action encourages your customer to take the next step, whether that means redeeming an offer, opting into your mobile program, or purchasing a membership. By better understanding the role of the call to action and what constitutes a strong one, you can be sure to always include a powerful call to action in your messages and increase your campaign’s success.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action, also known simply as a CTA, is the part of a marketing campaign, whether print, digital, television, or text messaging that directs the user to take some form of action. This could be to click on a link, visit a store, opt into an email or text messaging campaign, or take part in a contest.

Encouraging customers to on a link is a popular CTA.

Without a call to action, you are simply sending information to the public without trying to get them to engage with your business. This significantly limits the impact of your message, making your campaign less successful. Even though text messages have a 98 percent open rate, you want your subscribers to do more than just read your messages. Therefore, it’s important to create a strong CTA on all text messages, in addition to on your other marketing platforms.

What are the Elements of a Successful Call to Action?

A call to action does not always look the same. The best strategy for your company is dependent upon your campaign goals and other unique features of your business. It is important to recognize what you hope to accomplish with your text marketing campaign to ensure that you include the right type of call to action. According to mobile company Waterfall, there are four basic elements of a successful call to action: incentive, clarity, compliance, and strategy.

What are Some Best Practices for Creating Effective CTAs for your Text Marketing Efforts?

When creating your CTAs, you should keep in mind the benefit for the client or customer. You are asking them to subscribe to your mobile program, so you it may make sense for your business to reward them somehow. Although the easiest incentive is to simply provide a special offer, you can also offer other benefits, such as the chance to become an official brand ambassador or to win a prize. This type of incentive works twofold in that it rewards mobile subscribers and increases your numbers by providing some added motivation.

Offers help encourage your customers to take action.

When creating a call to action, it’s also important to make it clear and understandable. For example, you should use a simple keyword with no punctuation or special characters to avoid confusion. You should also avoid complex URLs, busy graphics, excessive text, and other things that may make it difficult for people to focus on your CTA and act.

Why Use An SMS Call to Action?

According to an article in Ad Age, a test campaign by Shedd Aquarium found that an SMS call to action had 325 percent more entries than the web-based CTAs, even though only 25 percent of the ads included it. This shows that more people are willing to take action with mobile than other mediums, demonstrating the power that text messaging currently has for businesses. More than 90 percent of the population has their phone near them at all times, making it easy for them to take an action no matter the time or place.

By keeping your business goals in mind and ensuring your CTAs have incentive, clarity, and compliance, you can create text messages that draw customers in and increase your business. If you are ready to put your new strategies for creating a powerful call to action to work, try Group Texting for free.

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June 17th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

5 Creative Ways to Attract More Patrons to Your Restaurant with Group Texting

According to a study published by the Ohio State University, the restaurant business is a challenging industry. Close to 60 percent of restaurants fail in the first year. To help increase your chances of success in this competitive industry, it is important to develop a comprehensive marketing plan targeted towards your customers. One popular means of reaching more customers is developing a group texting program for your business. Mass text messages have an open rate that is close to 100 percent, and offer redemptions are higher via mobile than any other channel.

You can grow your restaurant business with text message marketing.

To take advantage of this lucrative marketing opportunity, you need to do more than just send out random text messages. With a smart plan, you can capitalize on the benefits of the medium and attract more patrons to succeed in the restaurant business.

Advertise Seasonal Menus

Many restaurants take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables to create specials and menus which are only available during the summer months. If you offer seasonal menus, then you can use group texting to inform your customer base about your specials. This may help to inspire those who may not have been to your restaurant in awhile to come back to try something new.

Exclusive, Personalized Offers

Another approach to consider with your text messaging campaigns is creating exclusive and personalized offers. With today’s advanced technology, you can develop tailor-made offers for your frequent customers. This can include sending out special birthday messages, using location targeting to connect with loyal patrons in a specific geographic area, or sharing offers on their favorite dishes.

Use customer data to create special birthday offers for your loyal patrons.

When you send out offers via text message, they should always be unique to the medium. The same offers should not be sent to your email list, shared on social media, or posted on your website. In order to make the most of your mobile marketing campaigns, customers should feel as though they are gaining access to something special and unique.

Targeted Specials

Texting is a fast-paced way to connect with potential customers. According to a study by Mobile Squared, over 90 percent of people open texts within three minutes. This makes mobile an ideal channel for distributing special deals for specific times, such as a lunch special or happy hour event.

Send a text message with lunch offers a couple hours before lunch for the best outcome.

You should always send out your text messages within a few hours of the actual time, which is enough time for customers to plan to take advantage of the deal and keep it fresh in their minds. According to Next Restaurants, engaging customers while they are hungry is a great way to avoid being seen as a bother with your marketing messages.

Delivery Options

Customers love convenience, so one way to attract their attention is to offer the option to text orders for delivery or take-out. This is especially attractive for those who have a short lunch time and want to avoid lines, and may not have the time to stop in to pick up their order or wait around for it to be prepared. You may also want to send a reminder close to lunch about your text ordering options to remind customers of this helpful feature.

Offer text ordering and delivery to attract customers with short lunch breaks.

Updates About Special Events and Musical Guests

For restaurants that host special events or musical guests, group texting is an effective way to remind people about your upcoming schedule.

A text message can remind your customers about your live music schedule.

If you are already using email to reach your customers, you may have sent out a message with a schedule of special events for the month. The trouble is that if you’re relying solely on a monthly email message to get the word out about special events, people may forget what’s happening at your restaurant every week. A simple text message outlining the weekly schedule may motivate more people to come. You can also use text messages to remind people about reservations to avoid having empty tables.

With the right timing and frequency, text messaging is an effective way to attract customers to your restaurant and ensure that you remain in the black. By thinking of creative messages that go beyond a simple offer, you can further engage customers and motivate them to choose your business over your competitors. Learn more about text message marketing by reading this helpful Group Texting blog post!

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June 15th, 2015 at 8:00 pm