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6 Killer Stats that Prove Text Marketing is Worth the Investment

Text marketing is becoming the go-to platform for businesses in all industries to market to their target audiences.

Mobile device usage has increased dramatically over the past few years. Gone are the days when these tools were used strictly to make a phone call. These days, mobile phones are taking the marketing world by storm in the form text message marketing, which is showing zero signs of slowing down any time soon.

If you haven’t added SMS marketing to your advertising protocol, here are 6 mind-blowing stats about mobile marketing that will convince you to jump on the bandwagon.

1. Ownership of Mobile Phones

As of 2014, it was estimated that 97 percent of the entire global population owns a mobile phone. That’s a whopping 6.8 billion people across the world using their mobile device at any given time.

On a more local level, 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone, and 42 percent own a tablet. These astounding numbers have skyrocketed over the last decade alone, which just goes to show how rapidly mobile technology is evolving. With these kinds of numbers, it only makes sense to use mobile marketing as part of your overall advertising strategy.

2. Sky High Open Rates

There’s no comparison between the open rates for text messages versus emails – the difference is absolutely astounding. While only 22 percent of people open and read emails that are sent to them, a whopping 98 percent of all text messages are opened. When businesses first started using email marketing to reach customers, the channel was hugely successful. But as spammers increasingly inundate consumers’ inboxes, more and more people are simply choosing to ignore these emails, as they’re often not seen as legitimate.

Texts, on the other hand, are viewed as more relevant and are quicker to open and read. With so many people owning and using mobile phones, text messages are always at their fingertips.

3. Faster Response Times

Even if consumers open their emails, they’re not necessarily reading or responding to them quickly. While it takes an average of 90 minutes for consumers to reply to emails, the response time for texts is a mere 90 seconds. Most people carry their phones with them, and are more likely to see a text come through versus an email. Consumers can quickly and easily respond to text messages while on the go.

4. Mobile Offers Trump Print Offers

It’s estimated that consumers are 10 times more likely to redeem a mobile offer than a print offer. Considering how much it costs for paper and printing, as well as the distribution of such print offers, SMS promotions make more sense from a financial perspective.

These numbers provide hard proof of the power behind SMS marketing.

5. Text Message Communications Are A More Effective Way to Engage Customers

A huge part of SMS message marketing is getting your customers to engage with your business as frequently as possible. A study found that SMS marketing efforts created by retailers across the country produced engagement rates that were eight times higher than campaigns which relied solely on email marketing to encourage customers to take action. SMS marketing holds a wealth of potential for business owners.

6. The Power of Loyalty Program Invites via SMS Marketing

There’s no denying the power of loyalty programs in retention marketing. A loyalty program encourages repeat business from customers who’ve already tested the waters with your company, without you having to spend all your time and money trying to attract new clients if the old ones disappear. But not everyone is open to joining a loyalty program, especially if it’s not presented to customers in a way that will compel them to want to sign up.

People are more apt to participate in an SMS loyalty program than one offered through any other platform. Consider this fact: 57 percent of consumers would be interested in signing up to an SMS loyalty program, and over 90 percent of people who sign up believe they gain value from them.

Group Texting – Making Text Message Marketing Easy

Group Texting is an SMS marketing service that can help you launch your text message marketing campaign quickly and easily. With our innovative use of long codes, you can avoid lengthy short code approvals and set-up fees. Any business in any industry can benefit from SMS marketing from Group Texting. Whether you run a bar, restaurant, pet food store, radio station, or even a church, SMS marketing works!

Start your free trial with Group Texting today. There’s no obligation to enroll, and no credit card required!

Written by MarketingTeam

May 24th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

5 Common Misconceptions about Mass Texting

Text message marketing is an affordable and convenient way to reach the masses.

Text message marketing is one of the most effective, affordable ways to connect with a large audience. Yet plenty of businesses are reluctant to get started with text message marketing simply because they are misinformed about the benefits that it could bring to their organizations.

Here are a few common misconceptions about mass marketing, and truth behind them.

Misconception #1: Only Younger Millennials and Teens Text

There’s no denying the incredible popularity of texting among younger consumers, but this practice isn’t just reserved for early twenty-somethings, teens and tweens. Last year, mobile phone users between the ages of 18 and 24 sent an average of 2,022 texts a month, and received 1,831; those between the ages of 35 and 44 sent 830 texts and received 726. It’s not just the 18-and-under group that’s communicating via text.

In fact, baby boomers are also using text messages to communicate more frequently. Consider these numbers: people between the ages of 55 and 64 send and receive 80 texts a month on average, while those over the age of 65 send and receive 32 texts per month on average. Text messaging is highly convenient for every user, no matter the age.

Misconception #2: Text Message Marketing Campaigns Are Too Difficult to Create

Many business owners are under the impression that setting up a text message marketing campaign is complicated and time-consuming. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, it’ll take some time and effort, just like every other marketing campaign. But SMS marketing is nowhere near as challenging as some believe it to be. Set up can be really quick if you partner with the right service.

For instance, at Group Texting, long codes are used to drastically cut down on the time it takes to launch a campaign. Using long codes eliminates the hassle of waiting around for short code approvals, a process which could take months. Instead, businesses are able to get started with their campaigns in a matter of hours.

Misconception #3: Mass Texting is Expensive

Another common myth about mass texting is that this type of marketing effort is too expensive. On the contrary, text message marketing is among the most affordable options available to businesses. At Group Texting, it’s free to set up.

Mass text messages are easy to set up, and affordable to distribute.

It only costs pennies per text. Whether you choose a pay-as-you-go plan, or a monthly plan, either option is well within just about any business’ budget.

Misconception #4: Text Marketing is Too ‘Spammy’

Many people automatically assume that the email spams they’ve been subject to automatically spill over into the text messaging realm. In fact, text messaging is a zero-spam platform. Today’s legislation protects users from spam through texts, and both carriers and watch groups in the industry closely regulate text messages.

Users have to make a conscious decision to opt-in to text message campaigns, and by doing so, they are explicitly giving consent to receive messages. Without this type of consent, businesses cannot send text messages. Not only that, but users can also opt out at any time if they so choose. With so much power given to the recipient, spam has no place in the world of text message marketing.

Misconception #5: Text Marketing is Just a Fad

According to Pew Internet Research, 64% of adults in the US own a smartphone, and nearly one quarter of the population across the globe owns a smartphone. These numbers are expected to reach 2.16 billion by 2016. With astounding numbers like these, there’s no denying that SMS marketing is not going anywhere.

The convenience and ease of use of texting is undeniable, making this form of communication anything but a trend. Considering the fact that text messages have a higher open rate, higher response rate, and more conversions than e-mail, text message marketing is definitely here to stay.

Give Mass Texting a Shot For Free With Group Texting

Group Texting just makes sense for your business. We can help you get your text message marketing campaign up and running in no time. There’s no obligation, and no catches. It’s free and fast to set up, and gives you the freedom to choose whatever type of package fits your business’s specific needs.

Try Group Texting for free today. You could be sending out your first text in a matter of minutes!

Written by MarketingTeam

May 21st, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Can Your SMS Texting Service Do This?

Group Texting allows you to send messages to multiple groups at once directly from your mobile phone.

Text messaging is quickly and dramatically transforming the face of customer service across all sorts of industries, and can significantly improve yours too. It’s a win-win scenario: your customers get the gift of time and convenience, and you get the benefit of major cost savings and ease of use.

The decision to use text messaging to improve your business communications is a no-brainer, but which SMS texting service should you choose?

The answer to this question is simple. Group Texting stands above the competition as the leader in the mobile communications industry. Here are just a handful of reasons why you should partner up with Group Texting as your SMS service provider.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are competitive. There’s no doubt about it. With our Pay & Go package, you pay 5 cents per outgoing message, with free incoming messages, one free keyword, and no monthly fees. This package allows you to buy only the number of credits you really need. Buy message credits in bulk, and we’ll offer up to a 15 percent discount.

Our monthly pricing plans include discounted credits and additional free keywords. For as little as 4.5 cents per outgoing message and as many as 4 free keywords per month, you can tap into the most affordable text messaging platform out there!

Unlike other text messaging providers, we don’t charge any setup fees. Ever. We’re not in the business of advertising rock bottom prices for our services, and then unpleasantly surprising our valued clients with unexpected setup fees that just happen to be in the fine print. We don’t work that way.

Not only that, but there are never any cancellation fees charged. If you need to cancel your SMS texting service at any time, you can do so without any penalties. We don’t enforce contracts upon any of our clients, so there’s never any obligations on your part.

We also like to reward our customers with further savings when they stick with us for an extended period of time. We appreciate your loyalty, and as such, we offer a 20 percent discount on all of our plans when you pre-pay for a full year. Even if you’re enrolled in our Pay & Go package, you can still get discounts – the more credits you buy, the more you save!

Comprehensive Customer Support

You can get the cheapest packages, but these savings mean very little if the customer service from the company you’re partnering with is sub par. When you enroll with a text messaging service, you should expect a highly supportive and knowledgeable customer service team to be available to you when you need them. A customer service department that makes it nearly impossible to get in touch with a live person is unacceptable for your business.

Group Texting makes use of long codes that appear as phone numbers, making customers feel more secure using them.

This is an issue you’ll never encounter at Group Texting. Instead, we offer a support system that includes friendly, polite, knowledgeable, and helpful staff who are always happy to answer your questions or troubleshoot with you. We offer a variety of ways to get in touch with us, including telephone, email, live chat, and even Twitter. Once you send a ticket over to us, we monitor it around the clock to ensure that it’s handled in a timely manner.

Innovative Features

Our group texting platforms include cutting-edge features that not only make our text messaging service easy to use, but also highly effective for communicating with your target audience. Whether your goal is to optimize communication between yourself and your organization’s team or boost your business’ revenue through affordable and effective text message marketing, we’ve got the features to make it happen.

With our service, you can customize your bulk text messages with the names of everyone on your subscription list, send out automated replies, gather new subscribers and contacts, organize text blasts, and update your keywords as often as you want.

Your text messages can be scheduled to be sent out immediately, or at some point in the future so that the perfect timing works to your advantage. You can pick and choose which customers will receive your messages. There are so many ways to tweak your SMS texting service to make it work best for your needs. At Group Texting, we make this as simple as possible.

Easy Campaign Setup

With Group Texting, you’ll quickly discover how powerful SMS text messaging campaign can be. The messages are short and sweet, making it quick and easy for recipients to digest them.

At Group Texting, there are no delays with launching a campaign. Some companies require that you set up a short code. Short code campaigns can take weeks or even months for carrier approval. Instead, our use of long codes allows you to set up and get started within a few short minutes.

Join Thousands of Clients Who’ve Trusted Group Texting

Setting up your campaign is fast and easy. All you need to do is provide some basic information, and test the waters with us for free. Our services are safe and reliable – you never have to worry about your sensitive information being shared. We back up your data regularly to ensure it remains secure and confidential.

If you like what you see after a free trial, you can choose any one of our affordable packages to suit your needs and your budget.

There’s no risk, no obligation, and no cost to try out our text messaging service. Try Group Texting for free today!

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May 18th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

3 Reasons to Add Bulk Text Messaging to Your Emergency Notification System

Use bulk SMS messaging alerts to quickly convey messages in order to improve safety.

Imagine finding out that there’s a sexual predator roaming your child’s high school campus, but notification about this danger didn’t fully circulate until hours or even days later? Now picture the same scenario, but this time, a wave of text alerts are sent out within seconds of the predator being discovered.

The second version of the story can keep a lot of people out of danger by keeping them informed, and giving them a chance to act before it’s too late.

That’s the power of bulk text messaging. What used to be shared through email blasts and print communications has become much faster, more effective, and affordable via text messaging. These short, to-the-point messages can be sent and received in a matter of minutes. There’s no doubt about it: bulk texts are the fastest way to send an alert to a large group of people.

Whether you run an office building, retail outlet, or school, setting up a bulk text messaging system can prove to be a priceless tool in an emergency situation. Here are just a few benefits of adding this type of emergency notification protocol to your organization’s communication system.

1. Send Out Immediate Alerts

Nothing warrants a speedy message more than an emergency situation. Whether there’s a fire in an office, a burglary in a retail store, or a suspicious person trying to make his way into a school, having the ability to send out an emergency text to the right parties can literally mean the difference between life and death. It really can be that serious.

Parents, students, faculty, personnel and authorities have a lot more time to come up with a fast, well-thought out plan of action if they are quickly informed of a threat via text message. While mass text messaging can be a life-saver in dangerous situations, this approach can also be used to communicate something as simple as a school or office closure, or delayed opening due to bad weather. Even when no electricity is available, fully-charged mobile phones can continuously receive an influx of emergency alerts.

2. Allow Text Recipients to Respond Quickly to Protect Themselves

No matter what the emergency scenario, bulk text messaging can allow citizens, students, and personnel to be much more well-informed via a solitary SMS emergency alert. There are many circumstances where this would be invaluable.

Texts are the fastest way to circulate an emergency notification.

What if there was a fire on the fifth floor in an office building, but personnel on other floors don’t find out about it until it was too late? What if there is a terrorist attack taking place at one end of an educational facility, but students and faculty on the other end of the institution had no idea it was happening?

By sending out a mass emergency alert about these hazards, people have a lot more time to act and remove themselves from a potentially fatal situation. That’s the power of bulk text messaging.

3. Communicate Quickly and Clearly With Family Members

Schools in particular can benefit from SMS messaging services. One message can be sent out to all parents and family members of students quickly and easily, and an increasing number of schools are taking notice. Many have already started using bulk SMS messaging as the solution of choice to effectively manage with mass communication with all relevant parties.

By using this type of innovative platform, school administrators can communicate with students, parents, and personnel in an instant. With the click of a button, dozens and even hundreds of people can receive the emergency text notification.

Even something as simple as last minute scheduling changes or event cancellations can be more effectively and quickly conveyed through a mass text message distribution. Parents can keep close tabs on the school event schedule, while having the peace of mind knowing that they’re only a text away from being instantly notified of any emergency.

Group Texting – Mobile Messaging Made Easy

Emergency text messages can save lives. By incorporating a bulk text message system into your organization’s communication protocol, you’re showing everyone out there that you care, and that your place of business is a responsible one.

At Group Texting, we take bulk text messaging for emergency situations very seriously, and as such, we’ve perfected our system. If you’re ready to add mass SMS messaging to your emergency notification system, trust Group Texting to tackle it for you. Try it for free today!

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May 14th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Mobile Marketing Strategies to Help You Make More Sales

In the world of mobile marketing, one of the most important things is to stand out from the competition by bringing something unique and very helpful to the table. Right now, mobile marketing is the leader of the promotional world, mainly thanks to the constant increase of mobile usage, so it’s imperative to use effective strategies to make the most of your mobile presence.

Below are some mobile marketing strategies that can help you make more sales in the long run.

Use the best keywords

Many think keywords need to be used mostly in content marketing, but this is far from true. Search engines use the same mechanics for mobile, too, so you need to implement keyword practices to make the most of your SEO. Of course, at the same time you should include your locale along with your keywords, as this will give you a massive local boost search. For example, instead of using the keyword “fine jewelry,” a jewelry store in Nashville would be well off using “fine jewelry Nashville” or “fine jewelry Tennessee.”

In the mobile world, keep your keywords as short as possible, and don’t overdo it with the frequency of those keywords, which could come across as spammy.

Create an opt-in list

People like discounts and special offers, so be sure to design an opt-in list. This will allow you to reach customers faster when you want to offer them a deal, and at the same time it will entice sharing, something that could expose other potential customers to your company.

Send group texts

Instead of having to send each message individually, improve your mobile marketing endeavor by sending mass texts. This can also be integrated with the opt-in box to allow users to receive updates on their mobile device. This allows you to harness the power of SMS and save time, which you can then spend on other aspects of your business.

Ensure compatibility

According to recent data collected by Smart Insight, users are utilizing many different types of devices. With so many types of smartphones and tablets, it can be hard to figure out a universal solution for sending messages so they are received, and with the correct formatting. Ensure that your promotional materials are fully compatible with the most popular mobile devices (Apple products, Android, Samsung, etc.). Remember, the more support you offer and the more devices you offer that support for, the larger the customer base to which you can appeal.

Engage in hyperlocalized marketing

Since most shopping occurs within a 10-mile radius of where the consumer works and lives, it’s imperative to use hyperlocalized marketing. A consumer’s smartphone can provide location info to you and your business, if the user allows it. Then you can provide your current and potential customers with information and products that cater to their location.

These ideas will help you obtain astounding results from your mobile marketing campaign, which will lead to more sales for your business. Don’t overlook the importance of mobile marketing; instead, implement the above in order to see an increase in revenue and number of customers.

Bilal Ahmad is a Blogger and Internet Marketer. He loves to write about technology. You can read one of his recent article about sending free faxes online here.

Written by MarketingTeam

May 11th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

4 Actions That Will Make Your Customers Unsubscribe

Delivering catchy headlines and newsworthy content in order to attract interest in services, is an art onto itself. Understanding and properly incorporating sales strategy into a marketing piece will further motivate readers to continue receiving your mailings and texts.

One of the best teachers is to observe errors others make when sending communication to their subscribers and clientele. The second step is to imagine yourself as the receiver of these erroneous messages and think about how you might react. Then it’s time to avoid those practices.

You may be familiar with some of the following errors. The person who communicates as described below will kill any hope of acquiring a new client. Instead, the action taken will be to unsubscribe from your text updates.

Lack of Relevance

Does it aggravate you when your inbox is bombarded with junk email? These messages have nothing to do with you or your business. This motivates recipients to immediately delete the first message and enter rules into their software to never allow similar messages to be seen.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

Have you ever received a request to fill out a survey? Your desire to help has you agreeing to take the survey, but halfway through, it becomes apparent there is an error with the software. You kindly relay this to the person in charge. Their reply is, “You have old phone software.” You take a look – nope, you’re up to date. But instead of being grateful for your help in trying to find a solution, the sender has placed the blame on you or your tools/software/hardware/etc. Will you help out in the future? Most likely you will select the other choice of unsubscribing.

Push vs. Pull

We have all seen “buy, buy, buy” or the phrase “Only until midnight…” from some sellers. Every communication reads the same way and includes many links to the same page. This verbiage defines the push message.

Two rules exist for avoiding this problem. The most effective messaging will speak to the pain points of your clientele and offer insights on how to fix or improve their situation. Next, only send messaging that is permission based. A text blast to 10,000 people will be less effective than a mass text message sent to 1,000 people who agreed to subscribe to your text updates. The reward is a well-matched audience that looks forward to reading what you share.

Same Old…

Technology and trends change so quickly that we gravitate to the message advising us how to transform our work to what’s current. So when a message is seen that still advocates older methodology, it becomes a sure recipe for readers to unsubscribe.

By reviewing the above actions that will make your customers unsubscribe and taking action with suggested remedies, you will be on the smarter path that leads to success!

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, speaks and consults worldwide, and is the author of two best selling books: “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results,” and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself on Interviews.”

Written by MarketingTeam

May 9th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

7 Tips for Making Your Text Message Marketing Efforts More Effective

SMS marketing is an inexpensive way to reach your target audience.

Texting isn’t just a personal communication tool that you can use to make plans with your friends or track down where your kids are at any given moment. In recent years, businesses have begun using text message marketing campaigns to promote their products and services to new and existing customers. If you are using text message marketing to reach your target audience, here are some ideas that will help to increase the effectiveness of your upcoming campaigns.

1. Make Them a Killer Offer

Don’t bother with generic, boring, and uninteresting promotions. Without a compelling offer, virtually no one is going to hand over their digits to you. It’s relatively simple to get your customers to opt in to receive text messages from your business. Create a campaign that offers them something valuable, such as special deals on their favorite products or a reward in exchange for their mobile subscription. Remember that your customers enjoy feeling valued, and offering exclusive promotions via mobile will make them feel important.

Consider promoting exclusive offers through SMS texts that are not advertised on any other marketing platform. This will help increase participation in your mobile program and create a sense of exclusivity for customers who sign up to receive text message offers from your business.

2. Link Your SMS Messages to Your Email Marketing

Pay attention the next time you’re out and about, and try to count how many people don’t have a smartphone or tablet in their hands. You probably won’t find many. Consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile phones every day to make purchases and engage with businesses. This is good news for business owners that are interested in getting started with mobile marketing to reach more customers. If you are launching a new text message marketing program for your company, consider promoting it via your business email list, as well as other channels like your company website, print advertising campaigns, and social media profiles. This will help raise awareness about and increase participation in your mobile program.

3. Figure Out the Perfect Text Frequency

How frequently you text your offers and promotions to your contacts is a critical component to consider. Texting them too often may result in frustration and decrease your mobile subscriptions. But on the other hand, not texting often enough will drop you off their radar.

When it comes to timing your text message marketing campaigns, there’s a fine line between being a nuisance with too many texts and providing your customers with something of value. The most effective timing and frequency depend largely on your industry and which type of promotion you’re running.

For example, if a customer on your list just bought a sofa from your furniture store a couple of months ago, they may not be receptive to weekly text message promotions for new furniture. There’s very little value in that for them. On the other hand, a hairstylist could realistically send out a text every couple of weeks to customers, knowing that they come in every month to get their hair cut and styled.

Finding that sweet spot between too many and too few texts can help you build more successful text marketing campaigns.

4. Get Their Attention with the First Few Characters

Depending on the type of mobile device your contacts use, they may only be able to see the first line of text come up before having to open the entire message. That means the first few words that you use in your messages should entice your customers to open your text messages and read on. Grab their attention with a compelling hook, such as an offer that your customers would find valuable.

Marketing to customers directly via text message can help boost your sales.

For instance, instead of starting your text with, “Buy your next coffee and get a free pastry,” you should consider changing the wording to, “Get a free pastry with your next coffee purchase.” The latter has a much higher chance of grabbing the reader’s attention than the former because you are leading with an intriguing offer. A quick and simple change in the wording can have a massive effect on the success of your campaign.

5. Be Specific

If you’re going to send your customers a message, it’s a good idea to keep it direct. Whenever you send out an SMS, you want to spell out the value specifically. Whether you’re updating your recipients about new products, or offering an exclusive discount code, make sure to convey that in your message. Keep your text short and sweet, and get to the point. Make every single character count.

6. Include a Persuasive Call to Action

If you’re not already using a call to action at the end of any type of marketing efforts you create, you could be missing out on an important opportunity for your business. Every text message that you send should include a clear call to action that tells customers how to redeem your offer or take the next step. Whether you want your mobile subscribers to follow up with a text to receive more info, stop in to get 15 percent off their purchase, or pre-register for an event, your call to action should provide them with direction.

7. Don’t Make Every Text a Hard Sell

Instead of bombarding your recipients with a hard sell every time you send a text message, take a more personal approach to break things up a bit and increase engagement. You might want to send a birthday message, wish them a happy holiday, or send out useful and engaging content such as special tips on how to make the most of certain products. Texts like these will help keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds, without seeming as though you are trying to sell them something.

Make Your Next Text Messaging Campaign Work For You

Have you considered creating a text message marketing campaign for your business? Why not capitalize on your customers’ attachments to their mobile phones and tap into SMS marketing? Partner with Group Texting to set up and launch your first campaign, and start connecting with your mobile audience today. Try Group Texting for free! It’s easy to get started.

Author Bio:

Lisa Simonelli Rennie is a freelance web content creator who enjoys writing on all sorts of topics, including online marketing, social media advertising, personal finance, and anything to do with the internet industry.

Written by MarketingTeam

May 7th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

How to Use Text Marketing to Sell More Houses This Summer

Today’s real estate agent can establish a strong mobile presence through text marketing.

For sale signs, newspaper listings, online advertising. There are a number of approaches realtors can take to market their business and their property listings. One of the best ways that real estate agents can stay in touch with their clients and attract more buyers is text marketing. From advertising local listings to enticing prospects, text marketing is a simple and affordable way to give your real estate business a boost.

Use Sign Riders to Provide More Detailed Info About a Property

Your ‘For Sale’ sign doesn’t have to be limited to these two words. To make text message marketing work for you, include a property code on the sign which people can text in order to retrieve details about the home for sale, such as the listing price, number of bedrooms, appliances included, square footage, and so on.

For instance, your sign could include a caption along the lines of, “Text ’55501′ to receive further details on this house!” It’s simple and short, but it also includes a call to action to compel potential buyers to send a text in order to get the specs on the property. The instant nature of text messages gives people a chance to engage with the listing right away while their interest in the property is at its peak.

Alert Buyers of New Listings & Nearby Properties

Potential buyers that are searching for a new home can be easily kept in-the-know about the latest listings or nearby properties through text messages that specify the details of these homes. You can use text messages to alert your subscribers about a new listing in a specific area, or a price drop on a particular home which interests them.

Generate Leads

Building your contact list and generating new leads is easy with text message marketing. You can simply add your specific keyword to your for sale sign, or even post it outside your office for potential buyers to see.

After a potential buyer sends a text message to your designated keyword, you can then send them a message which encourages them to reply with their email address to gain access to updates on listings in their area of choice. This is where SMS marketing really works its magic, as it allows real estate agents to generate instant leads that can be followed up on in a timely manner.

Text message marketing can help give your real estate business an edge on the competition.

Easily Schedule Showings

Realtors can quickly and easily schedule showings for homes via text message. Texts can also be used to remind potential buyers of upcoming showings and reduce the number of missed appointments.

Measure Your Marketing

Text messages offer realtors valuable insight into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. For example, a realtor may use all the inquiries they receive to score their marketing campaign. The more inquiries received, the better the campaign. The feedback gathered from potential buyers as well as the total number of inquiries can help inform future marketing efforts.

At Group Texting, we make mass marketing for real estate agents a cinch. Not only is text marketing highly affordable, it’s also incredibly effective. We make it easy to set up keywords and develop new campaigns for your real estate business. Getting started with your first text marketing effort is simple. Try Group Texting for free today!

Author Bio:

Lisa Simonelli Rennie is a freelance web content creator who enjoys writing on all sorts of topics, including online marketing, social media advertising, personal finance, and anything to do with the internet industry.

Written by MarketingTeam

May 6th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

4 Things to Avoid in Your Text Marketing Campaigns

Give your first text marketing a boost by following certain best practices.

Think about the times you’ve received text message communications from different businesses. Did some messages capture your attention more than others? Chances are the answer is probably yes. An effective text marketing campaign follows certain best practices. If you are interested in exploring how your business can use text marketing to engage with your customers, here are a few things you’ll want to avoid as you are creating your first campaign.

Use of Industry Jargon

Always remember that you are writing for your customers rather than peers in your industry. If you choose to use complex business terms in your text marketing efforts, it’s likely to cause confusion among your mobile subscribers. Stick to simple, direct language, and make sure all your text message marketing efforts are written with your target audience in mind.

Too Many Text Messages

An effective text message marketing campaign strikes a good balance in terms of how many messages are sent to customers. On the one hand, you want to make sure that your business’ message is being heard. But on the other, bombarding your mobile subscribers with too many messages may cause frustration. The last thing you want to do is make your customers feel negatively about your business. To avoid sending too many texts, consider having your mobile subscribers opt-in to receive communications about things that interest them. For example, if you’re in the clothing retail business, you could lead with a message that allows your customers to indicate whether they want to receive communications about special deals on men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, etc.

Sensitive Topics

Unless your business is somehow directly related to politics or religion, a good rule of thumb is to avoid sensitive topics like these in your text message marketing campaigns. Even if you are using a tone that’s light and funny, chances are some of your customers could take your messages the wrong way. Steering clear of sensitive topics with your mobile marketing efforts can help you avoid alienating any of your core customers.

Descriptive Language That Exceeds 160-Characters

One of the most challenging things about text message marketing is keeping things short. It may be tempting to use descriptive language to explain what an amazing deal you’re offering, but it’s better to focus on creating a short and compelling call to action. Exceeding the 160-character limit that’s set by many mobile providers may cause some of your customers to miss out on your message. Cut things down as much as possible and be direct to get the most impact from your text marketing efforts.

Steering clear of certain things can help you create more effective text marketing efforts.

Text marketing is a great way to engage with your mobile subscribers and reach new customers. If you are currently mapping out your first campaign, there are a few best practices to follow. Avoiding industry jargon and sensitive topics, timing your messages well so your customers don’t feel overwhelmed, and keeping things short and direct can help you create a more impactful campaign. Are you ready to get started? Try Group Texting for free today!

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April 26th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

How to Use Text Messages to Boost Your Summer Marketing Efforts

Text messages can help boost your summer marketing campaigns.

Grab a pair of flip-flops and an ice cold beverage because the sunny days of summer are just around the corner! The temperature outside is on the rise, and retail stores everywhere are lining the shelves with seasonal clothing and gear. If you are a retail business owner that’s interested in making the most of your summer marketing efforts in the coming months, mobile can help you spread the word to your customers about special promotions and seasonal products. Here are a few tips for using text messages to boost your sales throughout the summer months.

Make Sure Your Campaign adds Value

One of the best ways to ensure that your mobile subscribers read your text messages is to share something useful with them. In terms of your summer marketing efforts, this could mean using SMS messages to distribute seasonal offers to your customers, or providing helpful summer tips and tricks to engage with your target audience. For example, if you are a retailer that specializes in selling sports equipment and many of your customers are outdoor enthusiasts, you might consider sharing tips for staying safe and comfortable outside during the warmer months. Chances are your customers would find this information useful and helpful. Creating a campaign that adds value for your audience can help you ensure your summer marketing efforts are a success.

Get the Word Out about Summer Holiday Promotions

Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends are two of the busiest weekends of the summer for travelers and retailers alike. In the weeks leading up to these holidays, many retail businesses choose to run special promotions. For example, a retailer might host a Memorial Day sale on patriotic products or summer barbeque supplies. If you are planning some exclusive holiday events, consider using text message marketing to get the word out about them to your customers. Focus on building your mobile subscriber list to help broaden your reach with your summer holiday marketing campaigns.

Share Information about Seasonal Product Offerings

Have you recently stocked your shelves with new summer products? Many retailers swap out their winter stock in favor of warm weather clothing and gear. If you’ve recently made the switch at your business, now is the perfect time to share information about special seasonal products with your customers. Whether your business has lawn furniture that’s perfect for relaxing during the warm weather or pool supplies to amp up the summer fun, text messages can help you raise awareness about new products.

Running a special summer sale? Share the details with customers via text!

If you are currently mapping out your summer advertising campaigns, consider adding text messages to your marketing mix. Text messages can be used in a variety of ways to drive sales during the summer months. Whether you are interested in sharing special deals with your mobile subscribers, getting the word out about summer holiday promotions, or raising awareness about seasonal product offerings, text message marketing can help you accomplish your goals. Are you ready to get started with your first campaign? Try Group Texting for free today!

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April 23rd, 2015 at 8:00 pm